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Best Wood Pellets 2013-2014


The bags in the running for "The Best of the Best Wood Pellets" this winter!

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England

lacrete small

La Crete Wood Pellets - (One of the best softwoods this year!)

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England

north country wood pellets

North Country Pellets- (awesome softwood,,one of the best this year!)

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England


Cubex Wood Pellets - (Best of the Best wood pellet every year!)

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England


Douglas Fir by Okanagan - (AWESOME PELLETS! these burned very nicely)

Washington State Wood Pellets

clean burn1

CleanBurn - Best West Coast Softwood Pellet in my book!...From Manke Lumber, these softwood pellets were awesome!

Oregon Wood Pellets


Bear Mountain Wood Pellets - (Lab stats are saying these are the best in the country.

Virginia Pellet Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast


Turman Wood Pellets -Well my favorite pellets have just arrived. I hope they are still great!

Vermont Pellets & Avail. in New England


vermont wood pellets - (so far the best East Coast softwood pellets I see.)

Oregon Wood Pellet

packsaddle pellets

Packsaddle Pellets -Doug fir pellet from Oregon which I'm sure is going to be a good one!

Canadian Pellet sold in New England


Okanagan Wood Pellets - One of the tried and true softwoods in these parts for many years.  They have a tight following that swear by them.

Indian Wood Pellets

sih wood pellets

SIH Hardood Pellets- These pellets just arrived and they are a first for me.

Maine - Sold in New England North East

corinth wood pellets green bag

Corinth Wood Pellets - Great Burn and low ash, nice pellet. 

From Canada & Avail. in New England


Ambiance Wood Pellets - From Valfei

Michigan Wood Pellet & Avail. East Coast

pro pellets wood pellets1

Pro Pellets - These look great this year. Nice hardwood pellet from Fiber By-Products in Michigan

Arkansas Wood Pellets


Fiber Energy Products - The best hardwood fibers are used. I'm looking forward to these!

Michigan Wood Pellets & Avail. on Northern East Coast


Michigan Wood Pellets - Burned AWESOME for me 2013-14 (the pellet that prompted the developement of this website 5years ago is now probably one of the best I have burned this year!! no joke)

Wood Pellets from Ohio


Easy Heat Wood Pellets - This is a new pellet for me so I'm looking forward to burning them.

 Somerset Wood Pellets


Somerset Pellets - These are a great pellet and have always burned very well for me. I Recommend.

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast


Logik-e  - (Best of the Best last year & I'm sure this year! )

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast


PWI Hardwood Pellets - (Best of the Best last year.  Logik-e and PWI are great! perfect price and quality ratio

New England

New England Wood Pellets- A blended staple here in New Hampshire.

Kirtland Wood Pellets Michigan

kirtland pellets1

Kirtland Wood Pellets - Nice pellet. Good burner for the cold nights

Oregon Wood Pellets


Golden Fire - (from Bear Mt. lab stats are saying these are the best in the country.) Sorry east coast burners :(



CleanFire Douglas Fir -Super Hot and low ash wood pellet. West Coast Douglas Fir meets East Coast
Buy Now - logo_image-woodpellets_com

Wisconsin Wood Pellets


Indek Wood Pellets - Nice pellet with virtually NO fines from our friends at Ladysmith.

New York Pellets avail in North East

curran softwood

Curran Softwoods - Very nice softwood pellet available through out the North East.

Mass Pellet by Okanagan

Black Hills Heat - From Okanagan Wood Pellets.

New York - New England

Curran Blended Pellet - I have not burned these in a while so I look forward to it.


Canadian wood Pellet

lg maximum

Maximum LG Pellets - From LG Granules.



Hamer's Hot Ones - (Best of the Best last year & I'm sure this year! Wonderful Pellet


East Coast

Canawick Pellets - Nice pellet with a good burn


Wood Pellet Reviews
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I'm burning as fast as I can in order to bring you my "BEST OF THE BEST" picks for this is how they are stacking up so far!  This list will be changing daily now that I can burn a bag every night:



East CoastBest HardwoodBest Softwood Best Blend
1. Cubex / Northern 1. Vermont Wood Pellets  1. Corinth & Maine Woods
2. Turman Wood Pellets 2. Okanagan Doug Fir 2. New England
3. PWI / Logik-e 3. CleanFire Doug Fir 3. Curran
4. Hamer 4. La Crete 4. Maine's Choice
5. Somerset 5. Okanagan - Red
7. LG Maximum
8. Canawick 
CentralBest HardwoodBest SoftwoodBest Blend 
1. ProPellet  1. Kirtland
2. Hammer 2. SIH
3. SIH
4. Michigan
West CoastBest HardwoodBest Softwood Best Blend
1. Fiber Energy Products 1. Clean Burn - awesome

2. Bear Mountain / Golden Fire - awesome

3. Packsaddle Pellets - super low ash

4. Olympus Pellets- super hot and low ash

 Best Fire Brick


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