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Welcome to Wood Pellet Reviews

So I'm going to go out on a limb here... and I BET you own a wood pellet stove... (not rocket science) and are either....

  1. Right about to pull the trigger on $1000 or so in pellets and want to see what others have experienced burning the brand of pellets you are about to buy.
  2. have already purchased  and now REALLY UPSET that you bought a bunch of CRAP!  
  3. Or... like me, is a wood pellet stove owner that exibits certain behaviors and fully excepts and understands that....
    • Heating with wood pellets save me money and you love to save money.
    • Wood pellets are the best way to heat my house AND save money
    • Understands that the wife just doesn't understand why they are so awesome and why I have to turn around  while driving up Rt. 4 in VT on our vacation because I saw a brand of pellets I have never burned before at some hardware store
    • My stove is sexy,,, and I only want to feed it the best.
    • Wants to see how hot my stove can actually get  (and invested in a thermal infra-red scanner) after finding yet another brand of pellets claiming to be "Super Premium Pellets"
    • Want to click on all the google ads here so I can make a few $$$.. (thank you BTW)

Hey!, .... thus..... my wood pellet reivews site.  

So here is the Wood Pellet Reivews back story......

I'm a website developer and pretty good at what I do.  Not to brag, but when it comes to having search engines find stuff that I want them to find..... I'm pretty darn awesome at it.. good luck finding somebody better.  (just "google" any brand of wood pellet...go ahead)  

Like you, I purchased about $1000 of GARBAGE pellets.  (If anybody remembers some New Hampshire Aubachan Hardware pellets called "Lakes Region Pellets" then "Giddy up".  You know exactly what I'm talking about.)  

After purchasing those pellets and being very disapointed in those wood pellets, I decided to create this site.  If you have an idea for a site then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, for all of you that used to purchase pellets from South Shore Wood Pellets, there is a friend of mine who is trying to help you out.  Visit

Winter of 2015-16 is in like a lamb and we will see if it's out like a lion.  Wood Pellets are in huge supply and not selling nearly as fast as last.  With the price of oil being so low it's no wonder.

Heating with wood pellets is great!!! Let's all burn some pellets and await another  "Polar Vortex" and maybe another run on pellets?  Stock up and stay warm and also, be sure to soon visit the brand new Wood Pellet Price .com for your most up to date wood pellet prices.  We are developing the new site as fast as well can.


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