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I only burn THE BEST! ~ What I'm Burning This Winter

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2014 is bringing us yet another shortage of pellets in different parts fo the country.  However, if you are able to get your hands on pellets this year, they seem to be awesome.  I have noticed this year that the mills have really stepped up their game.  I have yet to burn a bag of pellets which I would not burn again.  I'm very impressed with all.

Heating with wood pellets is great!!! It's almost the winter of 2014 - 15 and if it's anything like last winter, we are in for a treat.  Maybe another "Polar Vortex" and maybe another run on pellets?  Actually after speaking with many mills and suppliers, we are going to run out of pellets again this season.  Stock up and stay warm and also, be sure to soon visit the brand new Wood Pellet Price .com for your most up to date wood pellet prices.  We are developing the new site as fast as well can.


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