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Allegheny wood Pellets

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Allegheny Pellet fuel pellets

Allegheny Pellet Corp takes great pride in the production and distribution of its pellets.  Allegheny Pellets are made from kiln-dried hardwood sawdust and they have an ash content of less than 0.5% while maintaining a BTU content of 8,000+ per pound. Burn cleaner and hotter with allegheny wood pellet fuel.

  • Allegheny Pellet Corp
  • PO Box 183 1055 Matthews Run Rd
  • Youngsville, PA 16371
  • 814-563-4358
  • Ron Leofsky

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  • Comment Link Betty Davidson Saturday, 24 January 2015 15:52 posted by Betty Davidson

    Well this is my first time burning Allegheny pellets! I will not buy again. I have had a pellet stove for six years my current stove is only two years old (USSC multi fuel). I have to clean my stove every other day or my burn pot holes get clogged and the stove blacks itself out. For the past two years I've cleaned it every four days this year it's every other day or I have problems. Does not produce the heat of other pellets I've used in the past two years. Not happy at all and at the beginning of the heating season I buy three ton that's what it takes to heat my house for a year. What a mistake I made this year!

  • Comment Link Tupper Saturday, 03 January 2015 18:24 posted by Tupper

    Pellets halfway burn. The heat output is terrible. I live in a singlewide mobile home, generally, I can't leave the stove on high because it gets way too hot in the house. I have it on high, plus I'm using a space heater and it is still freezing in here. This is my first time with Alleghany and I will not be buying again. I have a 2009 Avalon pellet stove and a ton and a half of Alleghany pellets to use up. The clinkers burn for ages. But not warm enough to heat the house. It's blackened up my stove and has to be throughly cleaned after every bag, causing the house to cool off even more. I have never struggled with pellet heating before and this winter has been relatively warm. My normal brand was unavailable and these were the last two tons with a new distributor. I defiantly will not be using these again.

  • Comment Link Alan harlow Sunday, 02 February 2014 01:45 posted by Alan harlow

    Pellets seem to burn ok. Their ash content is understated. Tons of ash.. Clinkers need removed after every burning. Thought I'd give them a chance..won't buy again.

  • Comment Link Beejareno Wednesday, 14 March 2012 23:10 posted by Beejareno

    I used Allegheny last year. The ash was average, heat slightly above average. The only drawback is they tend to clinker in the burnpot more than others, but I would purchase these in the future.

  • Comment Link Mark VanOuse Wednesday, 16 November 2011 20:14 posted by Mark VanOuse

    Harman P68 pellet stove.

    Used Allegheny Pellet last year. VERY messy burning pellets. Twice the ash and the stove had to be cleaned twice as much. Seemed to have an equivalent heat output as other pellets. Retailer said with the sawdust shortage, Allegheny is producing straight from tree stock. Pellets look dark. I do not recommend this pellet.

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