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Armstrong Wood Pellets

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Armstrong Pellets exceed all of the Pellet Fuels Institutes standards for a premium pellet. Armstrong Pellets have the highest bulk density in the industry, bar none. This allows your pellet to burn longer and hotter. Armstrong Pellets have the least amount of fines per bag, ensuring a high quality and clean burn. To ensure this, the pellets travel over a 12-foot shaker screen, removing the fines. We then place the pellets on another 6-foot shaker screen to ensure you have the cleanest product possible. Armstrong Pellet has the distinction of creating the least amount of ash when burned, far less compared to any other product on the market. This means that your Armstrong Pellet is by far the most environmentally friendly pellet available.

  • BTU's 8390 8900
  • ASH .33%
  • Bulk Density 46 lbs/ft cubed
  • Moisture 4.5%




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