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Barefoot Wood Pellets

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Barefoot is a superior low ash pellet. These pellets are manufactured from clean sawdust and other clean lumber materials from cabinets, hardwood flooring, etc. from woods such as cherry, maple, white/red oak & walnut. This pellet is smaller in diameter and offers high BTUs. The Barefoot facilities are located in Troy, Pa. They are consistent from batch to batch and has very few fines.

  • Barefoot Wood Pellets are exceptional because of the quality and the cleanliness of the raw material used to make pellets.
  • Barefoot Pellets are made with clean sawdust and other clean wood waste material primarily generated in the manufacturing of hardwood lumber into various wood products such as kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, etc.
  • Barefoot Pellets utilize sawdust from a variety of hardwood species from the renewable & sustainable forests of Pennsylvania and New York. These species include Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, Walnut, and White Oak.
  • Barefoot Pellets are independently tested periodically and meet the standards for super premium pellets as established by the Pellet Fuel Institute.
  • Barefoot Pellets have superior low ash content due to the quality of the hardwood raw material used.
  • Barefoot Pellets are extremely efficient in terms of low emissions, clean burning and high heat.
  • Barefoot Pellets are protected from moisture by our bag hoods which cover all shipments of pellets to our distributors.

Barefoot Pellet Company
PO Box 96, Route 14 North
Troy, PA 16947
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Comment Link Tamie Olmsted %AM, %09 %520 %2017 %11:%Jul posted by Tamie Olmsted

    We purchased Barefoot pellets on a recommendation from our landlord due to the low ash production. We picked up a few bags early last spring to take the chill off and had no problems. That fall we ordered 2 tons - they were obviously from a different batch because they were terrible! About a 3rd of the pellets in each bag were twice as long as a normal pellet resulting in multiple auger jambs and lots of wasted pellets. The heat produced was no where near the individual bags we'd initially tried, which I'm assuming were from the previous year. I cleaned the stove thoroughly once a week at the very minimum and found the ash residue to be thick and caked on. The constant auger jambs were a real problem and cost me hours and hours of labor with each bag. I had a service tech come out to see if there was a problem with the stove, there wasn't. He looked at the pellets and just shook his head. I finally gave up mid winter and turned on the furnace. The half a pallet of pellets in the garage will end up being used for animal bedding. I'll never buy these again!

  • Comment Link Rob %PM, %02 %581 %2015 %12:%Oct posted by Rob

    I believe that quality depends on what wood is available, when them mfg.
    I used to burn Barefoot, and have tried several other brands as well. Year before last when my local store received their mid winter shipment, I purchased another ton and definitely not the same quality. Much higher ash and lower heat. I was better off with Drycreek. I talked to my reseller, who stated "All producers try to supply, by using whatever wood they can get as a last resort. How much demand is there for hardwood flooring during mid winter, I expect not much, but they still need to supply pellets, so it is not unreasonable to think that the quality will drop as they buy sawdust from other sources" And from my experience, that statement seems to be correct. Key is to buy all early and make sure that if you store at the place you buy from, that they do not substitute your purchase and replace with that produced later on, however you would do that. Better to store yourself and be sure. (I know, takes up a huge about of room in my garage to do that)

  • Comment Link Lori %PM, %23 %975 %2015 %22:%Sep posted by Lori

    We have been burning Barefoot pellets for years and will never burn any other brand. They are truly an outstanding pellet. I suspect the people who have issues with Barefoot pellets do not maintain their stoves properly, or possibly do not store their pellets properly. (We all know wet pellets are garbage) The dealer we get our pellets from has always protected the pellets from the elements, and his turnover is great, 2 tractor trailer loads a week. I have been to the plant in Troy, and the pellet manufacturing is state of the art.

  • Comment Link Lori %AM, %20 %087 %2015 %01:%Feb posted by Lori

    I have burned barefoot pellets for years and have never had any issues with them. I have burned 5 ton this year and love them. Low ash, excellent BTU value, GREAT PELLET.

  • Comment Link Debbie vandusen %PM, %03 %952 %2015 %21:%Feb posted by Debbie vandusen

    Barefoot pellets this fall were horrible!!! We have always sworn by them and have gotten several people to switch. We are now stuck with almost 2 ton that simply will not burn. Have to vacum every 8 hrs just to get new pellets to burn causes of caking. Lots of pellet loss. They leave high sout and cake up. Just bought 4 bags of pellets from tractor supply and they are burning awesome. NOT a problem with my Kozi 100 stove. I can't only hope it hasnt damaged fans and other components. We have three friends that all bought around the same time in Sept/Oct. will never buy again..

  • Comment Link PelletCraze %PM, %19 %982 %2015 %22:%Jan posted by PelletCraze

    These pellets are downright terrible. I was picking up a ton of Hamers, which I am very happy with with, and the guy at the store convinced me that these were better, because they produce less ash, and there is no difference in heat. WHAT A LOAD OF BULL! Yes they will make less ash, if ran at low settings, but they will produce nowhere near the same amount of heat as Hamers. Once I got through most of the pellets, i went back to Hamers. It was like trading in your Geo Metro, for a Mercedes Maybach.

    The Ash from BF was very pasty, and chawky. It actually made it through the first two layers of filtration on my vac. They stuck to everything inside the stove, this made cleaning a hassle. I wouldn't pay 180/ton on these pellets, let alone what I paid in the middle of the cold season.

  • Comment Link steve b %PM, %14 %980 %2015 %22:%Jan posted by steve b

    First year with these pellets, and I am extremely disappointed. They are very high in ash content and have produced lots of clunkers. I know I won't go back to these next year, low heat output as well. Maybe I just got a bad batch they are surly not super premium

  • Comment Link Captain steve %PM, %11 %590 %2015 %13:%Jan posted by Captain steve

    Can not say enough great things about this years Barefoots. Heat output is outstanding in my HarmanXXV, with little need to wipe the glass clean. Ash is acceptable in quantity and burn pot is clinker free,who could ask for more.

  • Comment Link Nel %PM, %15 %868 %2014 %19:%Sep posted by Nel

    Burning Barefoot going on 3 years. Have always burned hot and consistant across mulitple bags. Ash at a minimal. This year I ordered 3 tons and 4th ton will be piece mail for what ever brand is good and availalbe. Starting out with Cleanfire softwood premium pellet. Barefoot will be used for heart of the winter season.

  • Comment Link R Horton %PM, %04 %769 %2014 %17:%Sep posted by R Horton

    I burned Barefoot exclusively in 2012. I liked the quality and low ash. I tried a couple of ton in 2013, and was disappointed in the amount of ash. I found no difference in consumption, ash build up, clunkers, or glass cleaning than with Alleghany or Drycreek's medium range product. Unless things change for 2014 season, I see no use in paying the premium for barefoot. I will say the smell and color of the pellets are far superior, but what happened to the amount of ash? My stove is thoroughly cleaned each week, has not changed.


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