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Black Hills Gold Nuggets

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Deadwood Bio Fuels, Black Hills Gold Nuggets, wood pellets deliver premium quality affordably.  Consumers can tell the difference and love the convenience, quality and price of our product.  Ponderosa pine is an ideal wood source for pellet making.   High in energy, it converts to a dense fuel that burns hot, clean and virtually smokeless - with very little residual ash.


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  • Comment Link Travis Engelbrecht Saturday, 04 April 2015 15:03 posted by Travis Engelbrecht

    I have an England stove and I have been burning for 3 years. Using Deadwood Nuggets. These are the worst pellets I have had to date. The ash is terrible and the exhaust piping buildup is terrible. The glass is black the first time I light it after cleaning. I have to use starter gel to light these 50% of the time if not more. Need to clean ash every 2 or 3 bags which is twice as often as before. I am going through more pellets than the previous pellets used. Very unsatisfied.

  • Comment Link Jerry D. Miller Thursday, 16 February 2012 17:17 posted by Jerry D. Miller

    The model of our stove is Yankee. We clean our stove at least once every two weeks, depending on how many pellets we go through if the weather is really cold. We have used heartland pellets and liked them, but then used the black hills gold pellets and really liked them better. Would you please leave a number that we can contact you. Thank you. Jerry Miller

  • Comment Link Dick Hedglin Thursday, 03 March 2011 15:47 posted by Dick Hedglin

    My name is Dick Hedglin and I bought 10 bags of your Dakota Pellets. I have found that they either have excess dust in the bag or they are breaking down in the auger. I have a St Croix stove. By the time I run two bags through the auger fills with dust and stops feeding. I also have a thick pad of charred material covering and blocking the burn surface. The stove is cleaned at the start of each season and warm weather permiting during the winter. Every three bags the stove is cleaned of ashes and dust is cleaned of the blower fans. On first response I do not like the performance of your product.

  • Comment Link Riessa Havard Wednesday, 26 January 2011 20:43 posted by Riessa Havard

    These pellets are the BEST. We have been using pellets for 2 years. Last year we used a different brand and we supplemented our heat with electric heaters. We had trouble staying warm. We bought these pellets from Runnings in Rapid City. The price is about the same - but that is where it ends. The pellets smell like wood; they burn hotter, cleaner, longer. We are amazed at the difference


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