Blue Ridge Hardwood Pellets

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Blue Ridge Hardwood Pellets

  • A premium 100% hardwood wood pellet
  • Premium Grade
  • Red Oak Wood Kiln Dried Shavings and flooring residues
  • Low ash, efficient burn40lb BagsFrom
  • Tennessee

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Additional Info

  • Admin Review: Knowing Jeff from Pellets Now, This is going to be a pretty nice pellet for the price! He only distributes really nice pellets.
    Oct 2017- These pellets are great! Super dense and put out a nice heat!. If you are looking for a nice affordable pellet that also smells great, then these are a great hardwood pellets. There were a few longs in the bag but they were no problem for my push feed harman stove. These pellets remind me alot of the Green Team pellets as well. Nice and dense.

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