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Clean Burn Wood Pellets

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Clean Burn brand of wood pellets contain none of the bark, dirt or insects associated with burning wood. The low moisture content of the Clean Burn wood pellets results in nearly total combustion when used in an approved wood pellet stove, reducing emissions and creosote buildup almost entirely. Wood pellets cost less per energy unit than almost all fuels. Clean Burn pellets are made from 100% wood sawdust and shavings which are dried, screened, ground and compressed in Tacoma, Washington. The pellets produce a consistently high BTU, low ash fuel. No additives or binders are used in the process.


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  • Comment Link Tim LaLonde Sunday, 05 January 2014 20:20 posted by Tim LaLonde

    Have been burning these pellets for the past 3 (now in the fourth) winters.
    Using in a Harmon XXV stove.
    Only have to clean the ash bin after each ton burned.
    (we burn about 3 ton/ winter).
    Only comment: recycling of the bags? Our area (SW WA) no longer is accepting plastic bags for recycling.

  • Comment Link Sylvia Weisenburger Friday, 22 November 2013 01:29 posted by Sylvia Weisenburger

    I have an England Stove. Since using Clean Burn this year, I find that at the start us it burns so high and so hot it turns the glass black right away. I think it's because it drops so many pellets into the fire pot and when it takes off wham! When it burns awile it settles down and, it burns good, but, now I notice the fire pot is burned ot on the bottom and will have to be replaced. I really like the Clean Burn as there is very little ash, but the start up is off the charts.. Maybe because the pellets are broken up and not a uniform size as we had used before.

  • Comment Link robert Saturday, 09 February 2013 19:13 posted by robert

    Have used about 15 bags of cleanburn so far. I detect a chemical smell which is unpleasant. I have previously only used bear mountain pellets and did not have the smell. I read an earlier comment that these pellets burn hotter than bear mountain, and I am thinking that causes the smell from the paint on the stove. I will probably switch back to bear mountain to eliminate the smell. Would appreciate any suggestions.

  • Comment Link Shawn Tuesday, 11 December 2012 21:00 posted by Shawn

    This is my first year burning them and I am quite happy. The last five years or so I'd used only Bear Mountain or Lignetics. Cleanburn actually burns as well either of those brands.

  • Comment Link cheryl brockway Wednesday, 14 November 2012 18:44 posted by cheryl brockway

    We also love Clean Burn but were told by a service rep for our stove that they burn too hot and that it was the cause of our stove turning off on its own. I would appreciate your comments as we prefer Clean Burn but changed and are unhappy with our new purchase.

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