Report comment follow up on my 3 tons of Vermont wood pellets.... I liked the heat most of the time....seemed that every now and then a couple bags did not burn hot.....when they did, they were hot!
These pellets clogged my auger at least once a week! It did not matter whether the bags were sifted or not. In fact, when I sifted them, they were better. Now with that being said, when you pay almost $300/ton, you should not have to sift each bag. After sifting the 3 tons of pellets, I filled a 5 gallon bucket with sawdust! I can't imagine that there should be this much sawdust and fines, nor can that be good for the stove. Like I said, even sifting did not help! I had to remove pellets from the hopper every week and vacuum it out just to keep the auger from jamming!
I noticed that these pellets were a lot darker in color than when I had seen them at a friends house last year. He was the one who recommended them to me. The color may be the clue that something was different with this years pellets.
Also found during sifting, a lot of pellets that appeared to be water damaged? They were a white color that looked like freezer burn. The pellets were stored in my garage and were kept dry! I found pellets that looked like this in every bag.
I don't think that I will be spending premium money for these pellets anymore... It's not worth the extra work. The price of these pellets just went up $10 at Fallon's Home and Hearth. That makes them $289/ton.
When I contacted Fallon's, they said that they would refund my money or replace the pellets if I continued to have a problem....they never returned my last two calls.