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Quadrafire Castille Insert with OAK. Manufactured in 2011. These are the best pellets I have burned in my Quad.
If you are a Harmon or other stove owner. This review will not apply to you.
After trying green supreme mix, dry creek, curran hardwood, these Curran softies are the hottest with an output temp at baffle of 230 degrees compared to the barely 200 degree measurement with any hardwood and the 215 degree measurement with the blends out there.
I have only burned a several bags of hardwood, mostly free from coworkers and dealers trying to sell me some. My stove made horrible noises trying to suck air. My conclusion is that any hardwood pellet in my stove burns horrible with very large clinkers that would eventually starve the stove from oxygen. The Curran mixed I religiously burned for two winters in my stove heated our house fine. Few clinkers after 24 hours but nothing to worry about. The biggest annoyance about the Curran blend was the amount of soft fly ash that HAD to be taken care of every 24 hours of it would pile high in the stove. THis abundance of fly ash would accumulate in the baffles, combustion blower area, behind the plates. It was everywhere. I tried my best to stay on top of it. Bottom line, I was stove whipped by the curran blends.
Switched to the Curran softies this winter. Very hot, burn clean with no fly ash accumulation in baffles, combustion blower area. Clean Clean Clean. I went from vacuuming fly ash daily to once every 4 days. The clinkers are acceptable, I pull the fire pot trap door once a day.
Bottom line, the best pellet I have ever burned in my stove. I would drive a long way to get these just to not be stove whipped and for the mere heat output.

In summary, the best pellets are softwood for this stove followed by blend. and the worst being hardwood. I hope this review helps those out there with a Quad Castille or Santa Fe (same internals). Tim