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I brought two tons of these pellets this year because I used Cleanfire Pacific pellets last year and they seemed to do a pretty decent job in heating my house, and boy they burned hot. This year when I burned these Pellets, boy they burned even hotter and I have to say I do not have as much ash as I did last year. However, they do have a sawdust smell to them which is weird, but that is something I can live with. Although they are expensive I have to say you actually get what you pay for and I rate these as premium grade pellets. Granted I am new to the pellet stove industry but I have purchased bags just as a test to see how they burn as well as the ash content is from Home Depot and Lowes, and boy what a difference I saw in the quality as well as ash from them. I even went to a lumber store around the corner from my house and tried one of their bags, still no comparison to CleanFire Douglas Fir. I am definitely going to purchase them again next year. I clean my stove every day and I really do not need to, I just like to ensure it stays clean. I have a Rika Visio Stove.