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First off I'll start by saying that we are new to pellet stoves so take this information with that in mind. We built a new home and installed a Harmon XXV in our basement to supplement our propane heat. We bought the stove from Fallons Home and Hearth and took their advise and went for the super premium Vermont Wood Pellets that we purchased at $279/tn. This was on November 30, 2013, we only purchased one ton as we had no idea how much we would go through (mistake #1) We were immediately impressed with the amount of heat that came through the stove, but were also immediately unimpressed with the horrible odor that was emitted through the exterior vent pipe. We expected a wood burning smell not a noxious chemical odor. Within two days the glass door was completely covered in soot and we couldn't see the beautiful flame that we expected to see and we did have way more ash than we were lead to believe with the glass jar demonstration at the dealership. We ran the stove on medium at approx 68 degrees and burned a bag every 20 - 22 hours. We were ready for our second ton of pellets on Jan 20th. As the policy at the dealership is a first come first serve, (bad business policy for customers that live an hour away but we wont get into that here) there were no VWP available to purchase so we bought a ton of La Crete Pellet at $289/tn. These pellets smelled way better when burned and produced less soot on the door but there was more ash in the burn pot and less heat being produced. The ash from the La Crete was lighter and fluffy compared to the ash for VWP. Not sure what we're buying this season as the reviews for all the pellets stink! Today's prices for VWP was $295/tn and La Crete was $289/tn. We were considering New England Wood Pellets but after reading those review I don't think we'll go that route. IMHO, we should have installed a wood stove.