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I have been burning Vermont Pellets for three years. Like Dawna I also bought my Harmon XXV from Fallon's Home & Hearth. The soot on the window is not as much of a problem. I wait until the stove is either off or I will turn it to very low and take an old sock and clean the soot every day. It takes less then a minute. I usually use 3 tons of pellets a season but last year I bought 4. I was very lucky that I did. The stove ran 24/7 for weeks on end this past winter. I had 7 bags left at the end of the season. I tried to order Vermont pellets in August. I thought I was calling early this year for pellets. I got a big surprise. I ended up buying 4 tons of LeCrete pellets. I burned two bags this past week. They burn clean and almost as hot as the Vermont brand. There is much less wood dust in the bags too.
Dawna, I think you will find as you get use to your stove you will be glad you bought it. I had wood stoves for over 20 years and haven't missed them for a second. I have a large closed in back porch and I have all my pellets out there. No more dragging wet, heavy and snow covered wood in the house. Plus we use the bags that the pellets are packed in all year for trash.