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I have a Harman Accentra insert and I’ve always burned Vermont Pellets through it. The reason I didn’t buy them this year (2014-2015 winter) was my dealer ran out and wouldn’t get more until January 2015. Wasn’t crazy on the other pellets he carried so I started to look around. I picked up few bags, here and there to try different brands out. Found theses American Wood Fiber “White Pine” at my local Home Depot. I picked up about 26 bags. They burned nicely and decided to purchase 3 tons and had them delivered. When they arrived all 3 tons were shrink rapped and no damage from a fork left at the bottom of the pallet. I started moving them into my heated garage one by one. First ton OK, Second ton OK, Third ton NO GOOD, every bag on that pallet was like concert. The bags had no sign of damage or pin holes that water or snow would get into. Returned the damage ton to Home Depot and replaced it with another damage free pallet.
I burn about a bag and half on a cold winter’s day. Every bag I opened was loaded with sawdust that I could fill a 12oz coffee mug with. Every bag also had water or moisture in it and made all of the pellets to swell up and fall apart into sawdust. These pellets are by far the worst pellets I have ever burned. I was cleaning my stove every weekend and the amount of soot that was on the heat exchange was like concrete and was hard to scrap off. The side of the house is all covered with soot which I have never had before. I normally never write reviews but felt that I needed to on this product. I hope to save someone from experiencing the issue that I have. These pellets where not cheap and I would not buy them again. Even if someone wanted to give me 3 free tons of this shit.
Rhode Island