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I Have owned an Englander 25PDVC since 2007. Have not had propane delivered since (8 years). Pellet stove is best thing since sliced bread, I tell everyone I know. I have burned many different pellets and SOMERSET are by far the best I have found.They are my benchmark for trying other pellets. I would recommend these pellets to anyone. My stove sometimes needs fine tuning on level 1-2 depending on pellet length, but for the most part I only run it on these levels. I can't speak for all stoves but mine is very easy to dial in. I would use all these pellets again but will spend the little extra for Somerset. I have burned the following pellets (rated in order of preference)

1. Somerset 8 Tons 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014
2. Atlas (Premium Red Fir) Only found one year and they were great very long pellets though (1 Ton) 2009
3. American Wood Fibers (2 Ton) 2008
4. Kentucky Kernel (1 Ton) 2010
5. Stove Chow (1 Ton) 2013
6. Prest-o-Logs (1 Ton) 2013
7. Fiber Energy Products 1/2 Ton
8. Natures Heat (Pennington)? NEVER AGAIN Returned 2 tons.

Can't find my regulars this year so testing Greenway, Clean Energy, AWF and Therma Glo for this years bulk buy.