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I have had a Harman stove since 2007. Frustratingly went through a lot of different pellet brands until I found Vermont Wood Pellets. I've been burning them for five years. Great heat, and amazing low ash. I burn 5 tons a year and only clean my stove twice during the heating season, plus end of year cleaning. That's a huge difference from the other ones I've tried.

It's hard to get these pellets. Order early, they seem to sell out every year. Which tells me a lot of people swear by these, not just me.

By the way, I read someone's post that some of the pellets don't slide down the side of the hopper. That happens to me too. My understanding is that since they don't use fillers (which are usually petroleum-based), they don't slide. That's also probably why they are such good pellets. Not a big deal.