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We just purchased a Harmon P35i insert this year. The first bag of pellets we used was Packsaddle Pellets as we received a 1/2 ton of pellets with our insert purchase. They burn cleanly and produce good heat. We also bought 10 bags of Golden Fire pellets. They produced more heat than the Packsaddle pellets, the only problem was the inconsistent size of the pellets. You have very short ones and very long ones. Luckily the Harman auger is able to snap the longer pellets and we haven't had a problem with the auger getting clogged but you do hear the pellet snap inside the stove when it happens.

Lignetics and Bear Mountain (the maker of Golden Fire pellets) have merged and hopefully they can address the issue with the pellet size as they do produce more heat and I haven't noticed any ash or dust difference between Packsaddle and Golden Fire and we prefer the heat that the Golden Fire pellets produce.