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Wish I'd read these reviews before buying a ton of the American Wood Fibers Premium hardwood pellets. The bag looks just like the picture above. Lots of dust/fines.

I have a Breckwell P4000, now 10 years old. I know how to use it well and am a maintenance fanatic, which comes from 20 years spent as a Master Auto Tech. Everything is cleaned regularly, right down to the blades on the combustion and convection blowers. I have burned many brands of pellets over the years and can safely say I have NEVER used a pellet that sucks as bad as these do. For the first time ever the stove does not produce enough heat to maintain home temperature and keep the central heat from kicking on. The ash and clinker buildup is so significant the burn pot is partially clogged within 8 hours. It can't make it a full 24 hours before I need to shut off the stove to scrape the burn pot and dump the ash out of the base of the burn pot. The ash is darker, thicker, and heavier than the ash from any pellet I've ever burned. I am disappointed that they are able to market and sell this crap as a quality pellet, I am disappointed in the local feed store that has otherwise done their homework to supply good quality pellets over the years, but I am thankful I only bought one ton instead of the three tons I was initially going to buy. From now on I'll do my homework before I hand over the credit card!