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I've been using this brand of pellets almost exclusively for the last 6 years. Now I don't use them in a stove. I use a wood pellet fired boiler. The last one was a Baxi 1.5, which recently died, and now a Froling P4 -8/15. Both from Tarm Biomass in Orford NH, formerly in Lyme NH. These pellets come very well packaged, never had any bad bags. I get them through which is an extremely reliable place to get your pellets. Their home delivery folks are the best I've seen in 50 years of having stuff delivered to the house. Price varies from $250 - 260 per ton depending on the time of year. They provide very good heat, very small amounts of ash per bag and don't make a mess on the chimney (had a sweep who really didn't want to charge me for a cleaning when there was nothing to clean).