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I've owned two Harmon Accentra pellet stoves (got another last year after moved and the original was 11 years old and going strong). I originally used GoldenFire, but after the first couple of years (about 9 years ago), they became somewhat inferior. I tried Bear Mt, but they too were not as good. Went to Pacific, then Packsaddle. Great pellets, those other brands, but this year I caught that GoldenFire seemed to be back, better than ever (100% Doug Fir, like the previous two I'd mentioned). Easy to get the GoldenFire locally, and they were on sale, too. I bought a ton and now I KNOW THEY ARE BACK! Better than ever, too. I found them to be super clean, high BTU, and just as good as they are touted by the company. I'm so glad and now I want others to know you can rely on these to be as good or better than ANY pellet on the market. Buy them on sale in the fall, you can't go wrong!