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Have a Harman P61. Been burning pellets for over 15 years. Miss the days of pellets at $109 a ton. Burned a lot of great and crud pellets. A big part of the difference is what your stove likes to eat. But some pellets are just full of crud. Bark, paper, cardboard etc. AWF softwood has been a brand I grab when they are available. They are on the top of my lists to look for. I burned them last in 2016-2017 but can't find them this year 2017-2018. They leave a little creosote residue in the cooler bottom of the stove, but it's not much. They burn ultra clean and hot. I can go days without scraping ash from the burn pot. The ash is light and blows from burn pot easily. And clinkers are minimal. My stove loves them. Top rated in my book.