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I took delivery in Novemebr 2017. Love the triple weather covering and the driver was great in placing them. But...

Avoid these pellets this year. I’ve been burning pellets in a Harman P61 for almost 20 years. I typically burn softwood pellets and used to order Cleanfire pellets years ago. Their quality dropped so I went with other suppliers. Thought I would try Cleanfire Pacific pellets again this year. Huge mistake. Lots of heavy black granular ash in the burn pot. The pellets came from three different pallets. Each pallet is burning bad. If I do not rake the burn pot every 4 hours I get a burn pot full of heavy ash and a lazy dirty flame making a sticky sooty mess of the stove. I also have American Wood Fibers softwood. Love them. I can go 16-18 hours before needing to rake the burn pot. And even then the ash is gray and light, not clogging the burn pot. I can go 12-14 hours burning Spruce Pointe softwood before needing the rake the burn pot. Again a gray light ash. I even ran to the local HD that had Fireside Ultra’s and picked up a few test bags. They burn way better than the Cleanfire. They burned like a hard/soft blend, which they are supposed to be. I could go 8-12 hours before raking the burn pot and the ash was light. They were surprisingly very respectable. I took a gamble and purchased the Cleanfire Pacific and lost. I don't mind paying a bit more for quality. Can't stand bad pellets. But this year I paid for quality and got trash.

These really burn like Green Supremes and their re branded brothers – bottom of the barrel. They don’t look like Green Supremes, just burn like them. Lots of heavy black ash. Stay away.