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Corinth Wood Pellets

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Corinth Wood Pellets LLC manufactures premium hardwood pellet fuel from 100% natural wood fiber harvested in Maine. We began manufacturing in 2007, and are recognized as the premier wood pellet manufacturer in the state.

Corinth Premium Wood Pellets now produces hardwood and softwood pellets. They are made from 100% clean sawmill residue with a bark content of less than 1%. This ensures that our customers have less ash but higher BTU's in every bag of our pellets.

We are known for quality.


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  • Comment Link Matt from Hampden Tuesday, 17 December 2013 21:18 posted by Matt from Hampden

    I got a new Harman Accentra last year. Burned Corinth pellets and was very satisfied. This year (2013-2014) VERY DISAPPOINTED. Much more ash, requiring more pellets per day. Last year could go 2 weeks without a cleaning. This year - every 5 days. MANY long, uncut pellets that make a horrible screeching sound in my auger. Lots of sawdust, too - very messy. No more Corinth for me. Too bad, since I really want to buy local, but the product has to be quality - these pellets are awful.

  • Comment Link David Boring Tuesday, 01 February 2011 05:37 posted by David Boring

    Of the three brands I've burned, Corinth produced the least heat. A medium-high amount of ash, one clinker. Burned a little dirty. Had one or two occasions of bridging, due to long pellets.

  • Comment Link Bill Nickerson Monday, 22 November 2010 01:34 posted by Bill Nickerson

    I have used Corinth Pellets in the past and thought they were very good. This year I have bought 3 or 4 bags and have decided that I will not buy the two ton that I need from them. The bags have been full of loose sawdust which clog my pellet stove and they seem to be damp although that may be my imagination. It's to bad to see a good product go by the wayside.

  • Comment Link Ken Thursday, 18 November 2010 03:24 posted by Ken

    we really enjoyed using Corinth last year (2009 - 2010). Burned well and much better than many other brands. This season, though, it seems that the company is cutting the pellets into smaller pieces, causing more flying embers, faster burn, etc. If I cannot find a good setting between load and air mix, I probably will not use them after this 2010 - 2011 season. Right now, it is frustrating to use this formerly nice pellet.

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