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Dry Creek Wood Pellets

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Dry Creek Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Dry Creek Products is a nationwide leader in the residential wood pellet and wood by-products industry. Our customers from coast to coast know our cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative product line.

  • 100% Pure Fiber
  • All Hardwood Blend
  • 96.5% / 3.5%
  • 44 lbs cubic ft.
  • 0.25" inch
  • 0.625" inch
  • fines; 0.21
  • ash: >0.5%



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  • Comment Link Jim Sage Friday, 06 March 2015 21:15 posted by Jim Sage

    I have an Avalon Arbor pellet stove,the super premium pellets are great!! The regular premium are by far the WORST pellets I've ever used! They create a lot of ash,thick black disgusting ash that has to be cleaned every day! Super Premium ,Great ,premium awful!!!

    J.Sage,Burt NY

  • Comment Link Dave Thursday, 19 February 2015 04:49 posted by Dave

    I just got a pellet stove and have tried several brands due to availability issues. The Dry Creek seems to create more ash than any other brand. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this.

  • Comment Link  brian Sunday, 01 February 2015 17:50 posted by brian

    Last week was the first time I tried the dry creek pellets in my whitfield stove and they are fantastic. They burn very hot with minimal ash. I have a single floor ranch so the pellet stove heats the entire house. With every other brand my thermostat always says it's 73° and with the dry creek pellets it's 78°. I definitely recommend dry creek pellets.

  • Comment Link Audre Wednesday, 21 January 2015 22:45 posted by Audre

    Since 2000 we have been burning Dry Creek wood pellets in our Whitfield Stove. This is the only brand we had used until a shortage caught us off guard with only 22 bags left. We went to Home Depot in Salem, MA and were able to find several bags of a pellet called American Wood Fiber. We were a bit nervous trying these new pellets but decided to go cautiously and buy one 5 bags. They had few fines and little ash and seemed to burn alot hotter than Dry Creek. We decided to use these rather than to wait for our stove shop to get a shipment of Dry Creek. We ran out and could find no more. Fortunately our stove shop had gotten a shipment of Dry Creek and we were able to get 40 bags. We like Dry Creek because it burns well, minimal ash and little dust. It doesn't see to burn as hot as American Wood fiber but, it work very well in our stove. It cost us $6.50 a bag compared to American Wood Fiber which was $5.58 a bag.

  • Comment Link Dan Delong Wednesday, 31 December 2014 01:16 posted by Dan Delong

    Do not use Old Domion. They really messed up up my Harmon and my stainless steel flue pipe. A bad choice. You really have to be hard up to use these. They shouldn't be on the market.

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