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Eagle Valley Wood Pellets

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Eagle Valley wood fuel pellets

. Our 6mm pellets offer clean and highly efficient energy:

Moisture Content 5-6%
High Density Energy 8,300 Btu; 4,600 Kcal/Kg; 19 GJ/Tonne
% Ash <0.5%

Eagle Valley Premium Wood Pellets are made from sawmill wood waste, specifically Pine, Fir and Spruce. It has been proven that these three raw material sources make up “Simply the Best” wood pellets in North America!

Eagle Valley Premium Wood Pellets meet or exceed the guidelines set out by the PFI regarding wood pellets. They are good for your home, good for your business and good for the environment. They burn specifically cleaner than even the best wood stoves and fireplaces.

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  • Comment Link Daniel Friday, 03 February 2017 21:56 posted by Daniel

    Just purchased a ton (metric) of Eagle Valley and am very happy with these pellets. Was concerned as there is very little current information about these out there, mostly outdated or old reviews. To my surprise these are the best pellets I have burned this year ! Exceptionally hot, hard dense pellet with a pleasant smell and for the most part consistent pellets. Only fault and this is minor and perhaps not exist for others with different stove is there are some long pellets. Its minor and not bad but creates a disturbing sound when one of the longs gets caught in the slide plate when its closing . Stove is a Harman P68 and this happens after a good cleaning somehow and longer pellets are burned. Hopefully it wont be a problem as these pellets burn extremely hot and amazingly clean . Light colored pellets but not quite as light as LaCrete, but the last LaCretes I bought were disappointing as when i opened them up and started to screen them I thought they had given me a bag of cracked corn very small pellets most less than a quarter of an inch . Another good thing about these pellets or the ones I have screened so far is they contain little or no fines.
    Great Pellets !

  • Comment Link Craig Sunday, 06 March 2016 00:50 posted by Craig

    In all fairness to the product I realized after the vent was blocked,working fine now,stove is only two months old didn't expect that problem

  • Comment Link Rick Friday, 26 February 2016 21:51 posted by Rick

    You need to cool down your pellet stove once a week and vacuum it out really good to keep it burning properly! You will see a big difference!

  • Comment Link c osmond Wednesday, 24 February 2016 15:04 posted by c osmond

    Bought 6 bags of these pellets ,out of control flame glass turn black in minutes,can't control flame on any speed .Terrible product.

  • Comment Link Les Friday, 12 December 2014 01:13 posted by Les

    This pellets are the worst I have ever used. The ash content is way high...I have only burned half a pallet and my ash drawer is full. So much ash is left it blocks the pellets from coming out.

  • Comment Link Keith Scott Wednesday, 19 October 2011 23:57 posted by Keith Scott

    As a newbie to pellet stoves, I tried out 3 brands of pellets. I bought 1/2 ton of these and they have a lot more ash than the Okanagans or North Idaho Energy pellets. I eventually bought 2 tons of the okanagans. It just wasn't worth all the cleanup and fast burning of the pellets to save $0.70 per bag. Eagle Valley pellets were filling my ash pan in about 2 weeks and should be emptied for each ton burned, so lots of ash.

  • Comment Link tom parker Saturday, 17 July 2010 18:37 posted by tom parker

    I don't can this have 10 votes and no comments? What am I missing?
    I usually use hardwood pellest but bought these softies last season. I found they put out slightly less heat, and burn faster that my usual...Greene Team pellets. So, I spend noticably more time moving pellets and filling the hopper. They also leave a different ash...hardwood burns to dust, these softies burn to a greater quantity of ash, and also leaves a black residue on the stove. Not a bad pellet, not great, either. tom parker


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