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Easy Heat premium grade wood fuel pellets are made from 100% wood created by lumber industry by-products. This makes our pellets a recycled source of energy since the wood we use to make them would otherwise end up in landfills. And because they are a clean biomass energy source, they are better for the environment than burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal.

When you use Easy Heat, you're using the best wood fuel pellets available on the market today. Our 100% wood formulation produces high BTUs, low ash, and drastic savings in energy usage and heating costs. We employ exacting quality control measures throughout our production process, including ash and fines content testing, to ensure that every bag of our wood fuel pellets live up to their "premium grade" name and perform as promised.

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  • Comment Link william struewing Friday, 13 December 2013 16:10 posted by william struewing

    The pellets that I purchased have been very disappointing in their make-up and heat distribution. 20-25% that I empty into my (HARMAN STOVE purchased 3/31/20008) are already in sawdust form and end up clogging auger more often. HEAT that is distributed does not provide the warmth that previous brand of pellets did. First year for easy heat and the last. CHEAPER price per bag not worth less performance.

  • Comment Link steve campbell Thursday, 12 December 2013 17:55 posted by steve campbell

    Warnock-Hersey model 25-pfs. As always I always buy a couple trial bags before i make the ton purchase good thing. Stopped last night at a new farm and family store and two bags of easy heat pellets. Got home and done a complete clean on the stove and had a bag of somersets from last year poured them in fired it up and yes..beutiful toasty heat.woke up this morning stove was almost empty and dumped in the easy heats. Bout an hour or so later started getting cold as hell. Checked thhe stove and it was burning. These pellets suck. They do not produce heat for crap. Pay extra to buy something else. What a disapointment. I have my stove almost cranked up to full go and still not getting the heat from it as other pellets I have used with it barely turned up. Pellet length is no where consistent although I haven't noticed any feed issues.I don't mind cleaning my stove so I don't pay much attention to the ash content. I look for good feed and good heat and these pellets have no heat to them.

  • Comment Link Neal Fish Sunday, 01 December 2013 15:12 posted by Neal Fish

    I have an American Harvest stove Mo.#6100. Have had it for 7 years and have never had a problem with it. I do a complete clean twice a year. Also clean ashes & vents as needed. I bought a ton of your wood pellets and have nothing but problems with them! Very high amount of sawdust per bag, very heavy amount of soot, (heavy black soot) and also have to set heat setting twice as high as I do with others pellets to get the same amount of heat! Have to clean furnace weekly now. I will buy my old brand and will not burn yours. ( oh well , you buy cheap, you get cheap, lesson well learned ! ) Very unhappy, Neal

  • Comment Link Deanna Evans Saturday, 30 November 2013 19:29 posted by Deanna Evans

    i have an amaizablaze insert , love it , clean it every 5-7 days. these pellets have so much saw dust in the bag . been using these for only 4 days, bought a ton, will not buy again, will turn on my gas heat before i will buy easy heat pellets. i have not heated my house with gas in 35 yrs. the worst pellets on the market.

  • Comment Link neal fish Saturday, 30 November 2013 00:38 posted by neal fish

    I purchased one ton of your prem. wood pellets for my heated barn witch I have been heating for 6 years now. I clean my stove on a regular program. I have found that with your pellets, I have to set the heat at twice the setting to get the same amount of heat! They also burn with about twice the amount of soot & ashes as other wood pellets. I am very disappointed with this product & will pay more for hardwood pellets from another dealer. Thank you, Neal Fish PS Why will your site not take my comment ???

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