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Easy Heat Pellets

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Easy Heat premium grade wood fuel pellets are made from 100% wood created by lumber industry by-products. This makes our pellets a recycled source of energy since the wood we use to make them would otherwise end up in landfills. And because they are a clean biomass energy source, they are better for the environment than burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal.

When you use Easy Heat, you're using the best wood fuel pellets available on the market today. Our 100% wood formulation produces high BTUs, low ash, and drastic savings in energy usage and heating costs. We employ exacting quality control measures throughout our production process, including ash and fines content testing, to ensure that every bag of our wood fuel pellets live up to their "premium grade" name and perform as promised.

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  • Comment Link andrew Saturday, 09 August 2014 05:02 posted by andrew

    The easy heat is the best pellets of the world

  • Comment Link larry Tuesday, 18 March 2014 14:40 posted by larry

    Ive been burning my American harvest 6039 for 6 years i clean it once a week.I Buy my pellets by the ton I usually use pro pellets. However pro pellets were not available so I bought a ton of easy heat very bad choice.they smell like pine wood as soon as you open the bag.i also noted a lot of sawdust in these easy heat pellets.stove setting is at 3 with pro pellets. stove is set at 6 with easy heat pellets at same weather temps.i will be shoveling the remainder of these into my woodburner in the garage

  • Comment Link Mike Monday, 17 March 2014 21:12 posted by Mike

    Previous comment about the bag smelling of PINE - absolutely correct. NOT a good pellet. I run a Heatilator Cab 50

  • Comment Link David Hartman Tuesday, 04 March 2014 11:23 posted by David Hartman

    I have a countryside magnum that I clean weekly. When I opened the bag of Easy Heat pellets the first thing I smelled was PINE. Please note these are NOT hardwood pellets, nor is it stated on the bag. When I started to burn them, I measured the heat output. Easy Heat pellets were on average 23 degrees cooler than hardwood pellets.

  • Comment Link Gabriel Ramirez Friday, 21 February 2014 18:33 posted by Gabriel Ramirez

    On bag 2 of 50, and I'm pissed. I have a 38,000 btu Englander stove that was keeping my house around 75 degrees with hardwood pellets and a heat setting of 4 (out of 9). Now, my heat setting is at 6, the low fuel feed is turned up to 4, and my living room (where the stove is located) is barely at 65 degrees. These pellets are garbage. They're primarily composed of soft evergreen woods. My hopper smells like pine pitch, and the pellets themselves are crumbly and mottled, indicating a high presence of sapwood and bark. Basically, these are bottom of the barrel. "Premium" is a complete misnomer. They don't have any content specs anywhere on the bag, but I would rate the BTU's at less than 5,000/lb. The ash content is already higher, and the fines (sawdust) were probably closer to 1.5-2%. I'm already planning on sweeping my chimney once a week. All of the pitch in these pellets is sure to be a soot and creosote laden burn.

  • Comment Link Scott Sunday, 09 February 2014 00:38 posted by Scott

    I have a vista flame stove and have burned it for 3 years. Just cleaned the stove and put in easy heat pellets. Will never use these again, set the stove higher and still have low heat. This time of year it is hard to find good burning pellets

  • Comment Link Cal Friday, 24 January 2014 02:38 posted by Cal

    New to pellet stoves, the house we bought has one, a Warnock Hersey. We have been using it all the time to avoid running the propane furnace. We have burned sweet and tart cherry pits and several different kinds of wood pellets, hard and softwood. We purchased 6 bags of Easy-Heat when our local store ran out of ProPellets. Easy-Heat is far and away the worst pellet we have seen. Running the stove full throttle, we dropped from 73 to 55 degrees burning Easy-Heat. I drove 45 miles to another store and purchased more ProPellets. I'm going to return the rest of the Easy-Heats and ask for a refund of the 3 bags I burned. Worthless garbage. I clean the stove every three days and empty the burn chamber every twelve hours.

  • Comment Link Mark Ryan Monday, 20 January 2014 15:29 posted by Mark Ryan

    American Harvest 6309
    Clean weekly. And do a twice a year complete tear down cleaning.
    Ran low on pellets stopped at tsc and bought 10 bags. Questioned the fact that they did not say hard wood but they did say "premium". And at 4.09 a bag yhey should be good right?? Wrong.... We have to set the setting twice as high to get almost the same heat. So we are burning more pellets at a higher cost for the same heat. Dust is about the same. So no gain here. Sorry guys... I wont be buying any more of your product.

  • Comment Link Ron Rayburn Thursday, 26 December 2013 03:18 posted by Ron Rayburn

    Just bought a ton. After just four bags used I am very disappointed with the product. High sawdust content and not as much heat. High soot as we'll. Not a premium product. Hope to get through this ton without too much problems. If them become too of a problem I will give neighbor for outdoor furnace.

  • Comment Link william struewing Friday, 13 December 2013 16:10 posted by william struewing

    The pellets that I purchased have been very disappointing in their make-up and heat distribution. 20-25% that I empty into my (HARMAN STOVE purchased 3/31/20008) are already in sawdust form and end up clogging auger more often. HEAT that is distributed does not provide the warmth that previous brand of pellets did. First year for easy heat and the last. CHEAPER price per bag not worth less performance.


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