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Located in Southeastern Virginia, EasyBlaze Wood Fuel's state of the art production facility manufactures a Super Premium quality wood pellet offered at a price comparable to premium pellets. A stringent quality testing program assures that our product exceeds the standards of the Pellet Fuel Institute. Composed of all natural biomass products, EasyBlaze Wood Fuel produces a wood pellet that burns efficiently and provides long lasting heat. Enjoy an EasyBlaze Wood Fuel fire today, whether in one of our unique appliances or as a primary heating source for your home or business.

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  • Comment Link Mike Daigle Tuesday, 08 April 2014 02:25 posted by Mike Daigle

    Bought my first ton of easy blaze, am amazed at the amount of heat my stove is delivering.I have tried many different brands and have to say easy blaze is out performing them all hands down!

  • Comment Link Bruce Sunday, 06 April 2014 09:39 posted by Bruce

    Got Easy Blaze at Acushnet ALTERNATIVE Heating in Massachusetts..... They burn great and generate great heat. No clunkers at all. Minimal ash. Great value, great product.

  • Comment Link Christine Sunday, 06 April 2014 01:06 posted by Christine

    We have an Englander 25-PDV, purchased used to offset our electric bill. I clean our stove very well, inside daily, the flue every 14 days. We purchased these from a dealer out in Western MA off of craigslist since there was a shortage in our area (Worcester county, MA) and could not get our regular pellets. I really like these pellets! They burned nice and hot, the ash is minimal, and they smell wonderful! They are small and worked very well in our stove! I would definitely consider buying these by the ton--however I don't know WHERE to get them around here! I had to drive over an hour away to get them. But they are great pellets and we enjoyed them!

  • Comment Link Craig Mitchell Monday, 31 March 2014 20:21 posted by Craig Mitchell

    These Are The Best Pellets I've Burned All Season..I've Used Everything From Lignetics And LG Granules To BoxStore Cheap Brands..They Burn Nice And Hot And Very Minimal Ash..Wish I Had More. QuadraFire Castile 6 YrsOld.

  • Comment Link Steve Gordon Tuesday, 02 July 2013 20:04 posted by Steve Gordon

    This comment goes out to Mike, I'm sure you were frusterated with the experience you had but I'm confident this was an anomaly and not the norm. We make 100,00 tons per year and use only clean virgin wood (absolutely no bark allowed). I will be glad to replace your bag with a new clear bag Easy Blaze. My phone number is 804-414-1101.

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