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Energex Wood Pellets

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Energex Wood Fuel Pellets - Premium Grade Residential Pellets

Energex manufactures premium grade wood pellet fuel for use in residential pellet stoves and residential furnaces and boilers. These pellets are designed also to work well in woodstoves and fireplaces fitted with the Prometheus Pellet Fuel Basket.

Energex manufactures hardwood and softwood varieties of pellets. Both types of pellets are made from clean sawdust that is free of additives and bark.

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  • Comment Link Rodney Monday, 31 March 2014 22:22 posted by Rodney

    Went through 4 tons this winter. Lignetics, Wood Pellet Co and Energex. Energex by far was the worst pellet I have ever burned. Running an Englander 25-PAH and with the Energex it would need a thorough cleaning every two days. Not worth the $6 a bag I got ripped off.

  • Comment Link Barbara Friday, 28 March 2014 21:02 posted by Barbara

    I have a Harmon IIV and have been burning Energex pellets since 1997. These are by far my favorite pellet for heat and low ash. We ran out early this year, as most of us have, and had to purchase different brands. Corinth Pellets (local to Maine) used to be horrible but are actually much better now. We also use North Country Wood Pellets which, I don't believe are worth the cost. They are full of fines and I can only imagine the mess we will need to vacuum soon. We had no choice and had to buy 12 bags. Last year the same thing happened and our stove stopped working after 5 bags of North Country. We needed to open up the stove to clear the fines. Never had that problem with Energex. Next year I will buy 4 tons of Energex so we don't run out.

  • Comment Link Don disappointed Thursday, 06 March 2014 02:36 posted by Don disappointed

    Ran out of my normal pellets,store that carried my favorite brand was out. He recommended another store. They carried energex brand. Concerned that I was going to run out again, so I purchased a ton. Big mistake. This burns so,so. A lot of ash and clinkers. I have to clean my quadrfire 1200 every 3 to 4 days. Normally I would go a week between cleanings. Will not buy again. Too much work.

  • Comment Link Dan Bourque Sunday, 02 March 2014 20:07 posted by Dan Bourque

    We purchased a Harmon insert this past summer. I went with 5 ton of the golden pellet having not tried anything else. So nothing to compare but this is what I have learned. I clean my stove only once a week religiously. My glass is only dirty right around the edges. Cleans very nice with ash. I only dump my ash pan once a week( twice during these horrid cold spells). I was told I would burn 5. - 7 tons for the size of our house. I am very pleased to say that our house is very tight and the stove very efficient. Looks like my max for pellet should only be 4 tons. Will still make sure every spring that my garage has 5 ton waiting for the winter.

  • Comment Link Johnny Byanko Saturday, 01 March 2014 14:36 posted by Johnny Byanko

    The Pellet View, for most if not all consumers your clue less on pellet info. All pellets are made from bi products, its the quality control that makes the product. Raw materails or salvage ect flooring and waist. How clean is the product is based on the processing of the materials. If you process junk you get junk, if you process good raw dried material then you get good pellets, don't be fooled by the bags!!!! it's a label people don't under stand the industrey ..

  • Comment Link Caeb Sunday, 16 February 2014 13:08 posted by Caeb

    I have a Quadra fire castile insert. I've tried three different brands in this stove this year. Energex premium seems to give me the most bang for my buck so far. Ash content seems just ok but the heat is the best yet. I did get clinkers but with the castile your suppose to clean the pot everyday anyway.

  • Comment Link Christine Sunday, 09 February 2014 04:33 posted by Christine

    We are brand new to the world of pellet stoves, purchasing a used New Englander 25-PDV (replaced all the piping and control panel). Being new to this, we clean the stove out daily, and only a couple of weeks in we did a thorough clean of the pipes.

    The previous owner gave us 8 bags of NEWP and I wasn't too impressed with the heat output and clean-up. We decided to experiment with different brands and were told to try softwood. Our local Aubuchon's had the Energex 100% softwood, which I LOVED! Unfortunately they ran out, so we went to Robbin's in Oxford, MA and purchased this brand of Energex. They are a 60/40 softwood/hardwood blend from what I have read. So far so good, we have burned 8 bags and I'm very pleased with the low amount of ash and the heat feels very warm. We are still experimenting with different brands, but so far these are great! Will make a decision which brand to buy in bulk next season!

    On a side note, this site has been VERY helpful!

  • Comment Link Paula Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:49 posted by Paula

    We just tried Energex Monday; returned the day after and purchased a ton. Great heat output and my auger on my Cumberland loves them. Clean burn also. Price was steep for here but, expect to use less. Tired of the issues with box store brands.

  • Comment Link Dina Monday, 06 January 2014 23:33 posted by Dina

    Piazetta Sabrina. We have tried 3 different brands of pellets and Energex is the 3rd Ton of pellets we have burnt in our stove. The pellets are not burning properly and creating clinkers. We are not happy with this product and will not repurchase.

  • Comment Link pat wallen Sunday, 01 December 2013 17:12 posted by pat wallen

    the energex company makes the best pellet fuel in any harmen pellet stoves. I have a p43 and i personely have tried many different types of pelletes.

  • Comment Link Don Worth Saturday, 13 April 2013 20:27 posted by Don Worth

    We have a Harman XXV and have nearly always burned Energex for the past 3 years, but have tried a few bags of other brands and didn't see that much difference. Top brands seem to be nonexistent in northeastern VT, so we have to use what's available. This year, the Energex pre-buy price is $219/T and even the Walmart's and Home Depot's can't beat that. While it's true that I have to clean the glass every day, it's also true that I don't have to do a detailed cleaning more often than every 10 days to two weeks. We find these pellets, while nothing to rave about, to be satisfactory.

  • Comment Link Bill Pupkis Tuesday, 19 March 2013 02:05 posted by Bill Pupkis

    I purchased a Harman pellet stove and had it installed last summer. I've burned 4 ton of energex pellets this winter. I've had no problems with this product but have nothing to compare it to. I originally purchased this brand because my best friend has used them for the past three years. In his opinion, using a few bags of another brand, don't know which one, that Energex produces less ash and burns more evenly. I paid $239 a ton and pick them up myself.

  • Comment Link Peter Albertsen Thursday, 29 November 2012 04:49 posted by Peter Albertsen

    I have been burning Energex in an Upland 207 Pellet Stove for three years. I purchased them for $250 per ton this year.

    The stove handles them fine. These pellets produce a nice flame - better any hardwood pellets that I have burned. I typically run the stove for over a month before having to shut it down to clean the auger and feed elbow.

    I like to purchase four bags of any brand that I run into. I must say that as far as a quality burn, reasonable ash, and minimum carbon build-up the Energex brand is at the upper end of the many brands that are rated premium.

  • Comment Link Ash Monday, 26 November 2012 13:34 posted by Ash

    I just bought my pellets stove summer 2012. . I have a hudson river kinderhook, and clean my stove at least once a week as the dealer recommends and a strip down of the metal brick when i reach a ton of burning as the manufacture recommends. I found a dealer who had left 2012 pellets for $230/ton. I saw some review that stated was a very good pellet but no the best. From what i am read now, this company change something. I did not have anything to compare to. Knowing i would need another ton, i pick up a ton of cheat river. They were cheaper by $20 a ton and burn hotter, so i can burn on a lower setting. Also the energex is very dirty burning when i compare. I am not going to throw them out, so i mix the two brand together, that seems to work fairly well. I personally do not plan on buying energex again.

  • Comment Link John M. Dragon Monday, 13 February 2012 13:01 posted by John M. Dragon

    I just picked up my third ton of Energex pellets and am quite disappointed. This ton is NOTHING like the other two!! Much more ash and less heat. Will finish this ton and look for another product. Have no complaints about the first two tons. I clean my stove once a week and have had to clean it twice a week since buying this third ton. Color is very light and pellets are only half an inch or less.

  • Comment Link Wm Starr Friday, 20 January 2012 13:46 posted by Wm Starr

    I've been using a pellet stove for the past 8 years. This was the first year I've used these and hopefully it will be the last. I bought a ton of these at the beginning of the year and can't wait for them to be gone. These are some of the highest ash content pellets I've ever seen. I am up to cleaning every 3 days. If I don't then the auto-clean jams up on the grate of the fire pot due to caked on ash.

  • Comment Link Myles Mueller Saturday, 12 November 2011 01:15 posted by Myles Mueller

    Used about half a ton in my Harman Advance, and I constantly had to clean the glass. Sometimes the stove would require cleaning in just a couple hours of use. I found the ash to be a little higher than average but heat output was good. Still have half a ton left but I was so sick of cleaning the stove I put those away for emergency use and now will only use Spruce Pointe or Okanagan softwood pellets. Now I clean the stove once a week with less ash and more heat. I do not recommend these pellets when there are such better products out there.

  • Comment Link Marshall R. Thombs Monday, 21 March 2011 18:20 posted by Marshall R. Thombs

    I have a Harman stove. When I first started using energex pellets,I cleaned the stove every month although it did not really seem to need it that often. I also have everything cleaned and checked by a professional every year. I can not believe the extent to which the energex pellets have gone from the best to just about the worst in regards to ash and soot build up. I recommended these pellets to four others who now will not use then at all. What has happened to a superior product???

    I can not go more than two and a half weeks without before the stove needs to be cleaned and the ash pan is right to the top.

    The last three weeks I have burning some bags that I got three years ago. The are hot with little ash just I remembered them to be.

  • Comment Link Bill Levesque Saturday, 15 January 2011 01:27 posted by Bill Levesque

    These are some of the best 50/50 pellets I have ever burned in my Harman stoves. These pellets are consistenly the same same size so the heat is even and these pellets are burn very hot. The only pellets I will burn now. Would reccommend these to anyone.

  • Comment Link pellet hunter Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:38 posted by pellet hunter

    Tried a couple bags of these pellets.
    very hot burning pellets - if high heat is what your looking for these pellets are worth trying. Ash content seemed fine but hard to tell just how good when burning only a couple of bags inbetween other brands.

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