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Energex Wood Pellets

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Energex Wood Fuel Pellets - Premium Grade Residential Pellets

Energex manufactures premium grade wood pellet fuel for use in residential pellet stoves and residential furnaces and boilers. These pellets are designed also to work well in woodstoves and fireplaces fitted with the Prometheus Pellet Fuel Basket.

Energex manufactures hardwood and softwood varieties of pellets. Both types of pellets are made from clean sawdust that is free of additives and bark.

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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: I found these pellets at All Basics stove shop in Nashua, they did ok. Nice pellet with a good burn and heat output. I only had to scrap a small bit of heavy ash out of the pot after 1 bag. Not bad.

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  • Comment Link bill Tuesday, 01 December 2015 02:37 posted by bill

    got 2 tons of these last year from a local pellet stove retailer and they burn hotter and cleaner than anything I have bought before, anything I have used before I actually used less than the other brands so the overall cost was less and I had 3/4 ton left over

  • Comment Link Steve clark Sunday, 15 February 2015 22:12 posted by Steve clark

    makes the glass on my Harman invincible insert dirty faster than most other pellets. Seems to put off a darker smoke.

    Low ash, best heat, nice hard pellet. By far my favorite. I rate 10/10.

  • Comment Link jon bogardus Tuesday, 13 January 2015 01:54 posted by jon bogardus

    Lots of ash hard clinkers daily will not buy again.

  • Comment Link wayne smith Thursday, 08 January 2015 17:18 posted by wayne smith

    Have a HARMON P68..........burning Energex Premium grade wood pellets.

    Pellets are not feeding properly....stove stopped with 30lbs of pellets in the hopper due to funneling which left the auger feed box bare....

    The pellets burn clean with good heat when they get to the stove......

    not happy with the pellets and harmon's hopper design....and I don't want to buy the addon hopper extension to get longer burn times....

  • Comment Link Scott Saturday, 11 October 2014 12:19 posted by Scott

    Hi, Scott using a Regency GF 55 Stove. I notice a ton of bad reviews about just about any pellet out there. I typically burn the best I can get and whatever the cost is, it's usually only a difference of 20 or 30 bucks a ton vs something of poor quality. Last winter in the end I had to burn whatever I could get because all of us burned above the norm. When someone is posting something bad I never see in the commentary that they increased the combustion trim, lowered or increased the feed rate. Just this product sucks or is good. I had to change those things on my stove when I change what I use. High end or lower end. It's a matter of in time seeing what it's calling for and making sure the stove produces it because those things are adjustable. So even when I had to burn a lesser pellet because it's all I could get, it was fair. Just a little more work and a little less heat than another. Pleas know I am not insulting anyone, but when I read a review (personally) I like to know that the person giving it is qualified and operating their equipment properly. A lot of times in my business (not pellets) operator error accounts for the trouble and the product is more than acceptable.

  • Comment Link Rodney Monday, 31 March 2014 22:22 posted by Rodney

    Went through 4 tons this winter. Lignetics, Wood Pellet Co and Energex. Energex by far was the worst pellet I have ever burned. Running an Englander 25-PAH and with the Energex it would need a thorough cleaning every two days. Not worth the $6 a bag I got ripped off.

  • Comment Link Barbara Friday, 28 March 2014 21:02 posted by Barbara

    I have a Harmon IIV and have been burning Energex pellets since 1997. These are by far my favorite pellet for heat and low ash. We ran out early this year, as most of us have, and had to purchase different brands. Corinth Pellets (local to Maine) used to be horrible but are actually much better now. We also use North Country Wood Pellets which, I don't believe are worth the cost. They are full of fines and I can only imagine the mess we will need to vacuum soon. We had no choice and had to buy 12 bags. Last year the same thing happened and our stove stopped working after 5 bags of North Country. We needed to open up the stove to clear the fines. Never had that problem with Energex. Next year I will buy 4 tons of Energex so we don't run out.

  • Comment Link Don disappointed Thursday, 06 March 2014 02:36 posted by Don disappointed

    Ran out of my normal pellets,store that carried my favorite brand was out. He recommended another store. They carried energex brand. Concerned that I was going to run out again, so I purchased a ton. Big mistake. This burns so,so. A lot of ash and clinkers. I have to clean my quadrfire 1200 every 3 to 4 days. Normally I would go a week between cleanings. Will not buy again. Too much work.

  • Comment Link Dan Bourque Sunday, 02 March 2014 20:07 posted by Dan Bourque

    We purchased a Harmon insert this past summer. I went with 5 ton of the golden pellet having not tried anything else. So nothing to compare but this is what I have learned. I clean my stove only once a week religiously. My glass is only dirty right around the edges. Cleans very nice with ash. I only dump my ash pan once a week( twice during these horrid cold spells). I was told I would burn 5. - 7 tons for the size of our house. I am very pleased to say that our house is very tight and the stove very efficient. Looks like my max for pellet should only be 4 tons. Will still make sure every spring that my garage has 5 ton waiting for the winter.

  • Comment Link Johnny Byanko Saturday, 01 March 2014 14:36 posted by Johnny Byanko

    The Pellet View, for most if not all consumers your clue less on pellet info. All pellets are made from bi products, its the quality control that makes the product. Raw materails or salvage ect flooring and waist. How clean is the product is based on the processing of the materials. If you process junk you get junk, if you process good raw dried material then you get good pellets, don't be fooled by the bags!!!! it's a label people don't under stand the industrey ..


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