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Envi Blocks Fire Logs by Barefoot

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enviblockslogo_jpgEnvi blocks by Barefoot Wood Pellet Co. vs. cordwood

  • Longer Burn Time - Great for overnight burning, 8 to 10 hours possible
  • Less Mess - No insects - No dirt - No fungus - No mold
  • Less Ash Residue - Burn Cleaner - Less creosote
  • More Heat - Higher density - Lower moisture content
  • More Convenient - Occupies less space - Easier to store
  • Save Time - Less handling - No seasoning - No splitting


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  • Comment Link Frank Mancuso %PM, %15 %778 %2015 %17:%Sep posted by Frank Mancuso

    Where do I but these envi blocks, and how much are they

  • Comment Link mike %PM, %23 %940 %2015 %21:%Mar posted by mike

    finally tried the envi blocks, bought some small and large
    my insert is about 20"long and 12"deep, old glacier bay, best thing i ever bought
    used 3 small blocks, burned in 3 hrs, not much heat. tried 3 large, burned a little longer but again not enough heat. maybe my stove is to big and i need to use more, but at the price wood is still cheaper and the heat is great. maybe best for smaller stoves.

  • Comment Link Eric miller %AM, %19 %064 %2014 %00:%Nov posted by Eric miller

    These are actually manufactured by bio-diversity in selinsgrove, pa. They are produced by the same machine but under a different company name. for retail locations, comments, or questions. Thanks

  • Comment Link mike  from corning ny %AM, %04 %065 %2011 %00:%Oct posted by mike from corning ny

    i have used these blocks for 3 years and sold them at my store and what a savings not only price wise but on my back and not going in the woods to cut wood , time savings 1 ton is eaqual to 3 1/2 face cord minus the bark bugs and mess

  • Comment Link Stephanie %PM, %22 %622 %2011 %13:%Jan posted by Stephanie

    The store near us only sells loose pellets for some reason. They also told me that it's not good to burn pellets or pellet blocks in a regular wood stove. Not true?

  • Comment Link I need heat %AM, %27 %367 %2010 %07:%Feb posted by I need heat

    where can I get them in Southern California, without having to pay a fortune in shipping?

  • Comment Link Jon Ford %PM, %02 %731 %2010 %16:%Feb posted by Jon Ford

    Interesting alternative to cord wood; burns hot, catches easily in hot bed of coals, burns long, leaves little ash, takes up less space than equivalent piece of wood and no mess either!