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Eureka Wood Pellets

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All Eureka products are made in Eureka or Superior, Montana. This ensures you and your customers will receive the highest quality, Montana-made product on the market.

Eureka Elite Super Premium Douglas Fir

  • .38% or less ash
  • 8700 BTU per pound
  • Premium - Lodge-Pole Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar
  • .5% or less ash
  • 8500 BTU per pound
  • Lodge-Pole Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar

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  • Comment Link Ellen George %PM, %12 %862 %2014 %19:%Mar posted by Ellen George

    Don't buy ! I bought 3 tons of the premium Douglas fur. They are full of sawdust. You must screen before use or they clog the stove. I weighed the sawdust and averaged 5-6 pounds per bag. I have a new Harmon P68 stove and haven't had any problems with other pellets. I found Golden Fire at Lowes and they are great. Clean and put out way more heat.

  • Comment Link B. Robinson %PM, %24 %927 %2013 %21:%Oct posted by B. Robinson

    Been burning pellets for about 15 years. They all seem to ebb and flow. Eureka's production was pretty bad in 2008-2010. If you look, most pellets were bad do to the housing market and low raw material availability.

    That being said I have burned the Premium in my cabin and Elite in my house for 2 full seasons and starting this 13-14 with no complaints. The big piece is upgrading stoves; Ditch the top feed crap & get a Bottom Fed Harmon or what I have is a Quadra-Fire. The Elite runs 80% of the day medium blower and leaves my pan full about once every 6-8 days depending on the outside temp.

    I have gotten light, dark, even pellets with blue & red streaks but nothing different. I would say check your auger speed, most of the time wasted fuel is due to not taking the time to sit down and calibrate the speed.

    I burn some pellets from S.Dakota too when I can but they are all about the same. My opinion you wouldn't waste premium gas in a 1991 Geo Metro. Get a nice stove, burn nice pellets.

  • Comment Link Lisa %AM, %16 %281 %2013 %05:%Mar posted by Lisa

    what exactly is in the eureka premium pellets? Are there chemicals to help the burn, or products other than evergreen family of woods. Important to know as I want to use it in our horse stables. Thank you

  • Comment Link chris %AM, %07 %116 %2013 %01:%Jan posted by chris

    clean my stove once a WEEK,
    New England Stove Works Stove 25 PDCV stove
    worst pellets I have ever bought, heres a clue/... are the specs of the pellets on the bag? NO..... what color are the pellets? brown with red streaks in them HMM says "wood By products" so what is a by product? red plastic bags on the floor of the mill?
    Even the STOVE companys say STAY AWAY from pellets that wont put the specs on the bags... Wal Mart sells a better pellet and I hate Wal Mart......this pellet has more glass like clunkers than any pellet made I have used, and more ash and burns like 2 bags to 1 bag of two other brands that I have tried....Sold thru Ace Hardware and DOESNT live up to ACE requirements. Has to be the worst pellet made....

  • Comment Link Scott Kozar %PM, %31 %647 %2012 %14:%Dec posted by Scott Kozar

    These pellets are too small, don't provide the heat and produce way too much ash. I clean my US Pellet Stove model #6041 daily. I would never buy these pellets again.

  • Comment Link Doug Woods %AM, %26 %180 %2012 %03:%Dec posted by Doug Woods

    I tried a ton of your Douglas Fir pellets last winter. Some of the pellets were too long and would get stuck in my stoves auger. Are yo ur fir pellets still quite long? Doug

  • Comment Link Doug Woods %PM, %25 %006 %2012 %23:%Dec posted by Doug Woods

    I tried a ton of your Douglas Fir pellets last winter. Some of the pellets were too long and would get stuck in my stoves auger. Are yo ur fir pellets still quite long? Doug

  • Comment Link G.H. %AM, %22 %141 %2012 %02:%Dec posted by G.H.

    Poor quality. Vewry poor in fact. Hard to start and they don't burn well. LOTS of clinkers or just built up unburned pellets. Quadrafire stove. Massive maintenance i.e. cleaning firepot, vacuum sawdust from auger per bag or two. In fact, if the stove goes out, it won't start due to clinkers in firepot in a 4 hour burn.

  • Comment Link R. Jared %PM, %09 %924 %2012 %21:%Dec posted by R. Jared

    Dec.8 2012

    Bought a ton of Eureka pellets for our Quadra-Fire and the quality was poor. Lots of sawdust and needed to be screened before using. Never had trouble before with this brand. Very cold and disappinted.


  • Comment Link RD %PM, %26 %006 %2012 %23:%Nov posted by RD

    Breckwell stove. Scrupulously cleaned every 15 bags. This year's Eureka pellets are a disaster. Lots of sawdust and actual wood chips in the bags. I've burned Eureka pellets for 3 years with no problems but this year they seem to have some serious quality control problems.


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