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Fireside Ultra Wood Pellets

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Fireside Pellet fuel pellets



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  • Comment Link Eric Thursday, 06 August 2015 13:34 posted by Eric

    I have to college those one in the family room which is the number of mini 30000 BTU and improve in the basement the plane VF 170 we don't use the one in the basement unless the temperature gets in the single digits the mini does fine for the whole house I burn each time for the past two years of the Fireside Poets and I love them nothing at all if any clean my stove once a week. But I'll buy em burn anything on Depot has in stock I always buy mine in the spring getting ready for the

  • Comment Link Maitland Pine Tuesday, 04 August 2015 19:33 posted by Maitland Pine

    I have a Harmon XXV and have burned 6 to 7 ton of Fireside Ultra Wood pellets per year and have found that they are the best that I have found. Only clean my stove every month and have very little ash. I would recommend them to anybody.

  • Comment Link Linda L. Theriault Saturday, 18 April 2015 16:48 posted by Linda L. Theriault

    We love Fireside Ultra pellets they burn clean and we have had no problem with them at all! We have a pellets we have used so far....this stove is new but we had another stove before this and really get our moneys worth with the Fireside pellets and we burn it mostly on low, sometimes medium, but have never had it on high at all.....thanks for making such a reliable source of heat....

  • Comment Link raycharles longmire Friday, 03 April 2015 22:39 posted by raycharles longmire

    fireside pellet fuel - 5 star

  • Comment Link Gloria Honnell Sunday, 08 March 2015 15:50 posted by Gloria Honnell

    We have Whitfield stove we have had it for about 20 years and my husband like the stove chow the best ,they burn the best in our stove. The only problem is they are the hardest to find,if you are not at Home Depot went they come in you have a hard time to get them.

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