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Freedom Fuel Wood Pellets

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It says on the website that Freedom Fuel is one of the highest grade pellet fuels available. With less than 1% ash content, and less than 6% moisture, it has been classified by the Pellet Fuels Institute as a Super Premium grade pellet fuel with 8400 btus / pound.



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  • Comment Link Sonny %PM, %30 %901 %2016 %20:%Jan posted by Sonny

    Absolute worst pellets I have used. I purchased 3 ton early September, stored indoors. When it came time to burn, they sucked. Excessive sawdust as if they didn't compress the pellet enough. The pellets are somewhat abrasive on the outside causing the pellets to funnel into the feeder, but not collapse the sides. You have to constantly check on the hopper and push the pellets down. Dirty, many clinkers and just poor ass quality.

  • Comment Link William Donald %AM, %19 %503 %2016 %11:%Jan posted by William Donald

    To whom it may concern,
    I purchased 1 ton of freedom fuel wood pellets from Tractor Supply during the late summer of 2015. I purchased in Martinsburg West Virginia. As the temperatures dropped, I used a 40 lbs. bag. I noticed that the pellets did not meet the quality standards the bag labeled provided. I had lots of ash deposits and low heat. I also noticed, the pellets didn't want to burn. I keep the pellets inside and couldn't understand why this was. I gave the pellets the benefit of the drought and mixed the pellets with high grade legnetics. Still clogged the combustion chamber of the pellet stove with hard soot. How disappointed I was and sad to say the least. I really relied on the pellets, after all, the bag displayed the American tradition. While 10'degrees and 52 degrees inside I know not to use this type of pellets again. After all, I can't return the unused pellets. Thanks America for another disappointing product. I don't recommend this product to heat my dog house.

  • Comment Link Anthony %PM, %07 %976 %2016 %22:%Jan posted by Anthony

    This is the best wood pellets yet I've burned in my stove. I will always be using these from now on

  • Comment Link Terry Tobel %PM, %04 %036 %2016 %23:%Jan posted by Terry Tobel

    Do not believe the sales pitch. Just opened 2 of 3 bags I purchased today and it was about 50% saw dust.

  • Comment Link Renee %PM, %18 %863 %2015 %19:%Dec posted by Renee

    These have got to be the WORST!! Pellets i have ever bought!!!! the burn pot fills up in about 1 hour has to be emptied, the shoot also fills up, can't turn the stove on high unless you stand and watch it so you can empty it sooner then one hour, and you have a burn pot full of chard and hard soot..and don't dare leave the house and leave the stove on!!!! you guy's need to stop putting hickory or what ever it is you use!! there Junk!!

  • Comment Link Peggy %PM, %22 %978 %2015 %22:%Nov posted by Peggy

    Worst pellets I have ever used. I purchased a pallet from tractor supply store (one ton). ,them had them delivered to my home: four bags were busted open and nothing but sawdust; four bags had holes in them and weren't completely full; I tried the other bags and yech, yech, yech. too much ash, very soft pellets, mostly sawdust in the bags, rather than pellets. I will not purchase these again, even to use in a cold weather emergency. Don't waste your money on these pellets.

  • Comment Link Clay Moore %PM, %28 %733 %2015 %16:%Aug posted by Clay Moore

    I just bought two tons of Freedom Fuel pellets. There are quarter size holes in most the bag and at lest 25% of the pellets are wet. While unloading the pellets four mice ran out from under a bag, off the pallet and are now living somewhere in my garage. I will never buy this brand again and I am seriously considering finding a new store to purchase pellets and related items from in the future.

  • Comment Link Mike %PM, %25 %855 %2015 %19:%Aug posted by Mike

    I bought a ton of Freedom fuel pellets and half the ton was saw dust and had a bad odor. Thank goodness Tractor Supply took them back the same day. My advice is do not purchase these pellets.

  • Comment Link John %PM, %02 %560 %2015 %12:%Aug posted by John

    By far the worst pellets ever in my 15 years of using them as fuel.
    Just bring information on suspected formaldehyde, OSB and letters to the owner of freedom.
    They need to take the big flag of the bag. What a disgrace.
    I returned 4 tons as the fumes from this crap irritating to my children. Like that cheap foreign made furniture this was latter named due to formaldehyde off fading.

  • Comment Link Dean %PM, %23 %654 %2015 %14:%Apr posted by Dean

    When I opened the bag and seen there were some pellets and the rest was saw dust and will never buy again. I mean never worst pellets on the market. Got them from Home Depot and they said you can return them. No you can come and pick them up. Well you know that would not happen. I can not even understand why you would produce a product like that and get a bad rap. But I guess it is now days all about the money!


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