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Golden Fire Wood Pellets

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Golden Fire Wood Pellets

These are the averages for 48 weekly Goldenfire samples sent into Twin Ports Labs between July 1, 2012 and July 1 2013.  The same as last year, I could send you a single test that would be amazing.  However, we prefer to show our average because it is not just the good values that set us apart, it is the consistency.    Please note that the Heating Value as received is even higher and the ash content even lower than last year.


Moisture Content:


Ash Content:


Heating Value - As Received:

8527 Btu/lb

Heating Value – Moisture Free:

8713 Btu/lb

We are not the only producer of Douglas fir pellets. However, I am not aware of any other manufacturer that is willing to come anywhere near the low moisture content of our pellets. The difference between our average of 1.67% moisture and a 6% PFI premium pellet is that the higher moisture pellet has almost a quart more water that has to be boiled off, not to mention 4.3% less wood in the bag. The consistently low ash content is the result of using Douglas fir and having very tight control over raw material sources.

Bear Mountain is same as our Goldenfire brand except we can mix up to 5% Western Red Cedar with the Douglas fir. We cannot detect a difference in testing other than a very slight increase in ash and an equally slight increase in heating value.

We are willing to go head to head with any pellet produced using independent lab tests or stove tests.


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  • Comment Link Maynard Musgrave %PM, %21 %735 %2017 %16:%Mar posted by Maynard Musgrave

    Have used Golden Fire Fir Pellets for 3 Year now and can say nothing short of a GREAT burning and very low ash Pellet, only problem is where to buy them I live in Northwest Ohio and am very interested in where they are available,
    My supplier does not handle them any more, Figures Great pellet, now lets find something cheaper!!!!! Using a Kozi wood pellet insert,. any information? E-Mail me @ maynardm2@frontier or call @ 989-614-6363, many thanks in advance

  • Comment Link Claudia %PM, %19 %839 %2017 %19:%Mar posted by Claudia

    The numbers on these pellets look pretty good...and sold me on a ton of them. I'm so sorry now.
    They might burn hot...but they burn FAST and DIRTY!
    I have gone thru twice as much as I normally do.
    And I am cleaning my stove 3 times as often!
    They soot up the glass in one or two fires!!!
    I've never had this happen before.
    There is so much residue/sawdust in the bag, it's no wonder they are so damn dirty! Will NEVER buy again! Total waste of my tight fuel dollars.

  • Comment Link Mickey Wood %AM, %10 %456 %2017 %09:%Feb posted by Mickey Wood

    My dad bought a pellet stove back in the 70s and always used Golden Fire Pellets. I replaced it about 14 years ago with a Breckwell Big E. The last two years and especially this year I have a large amount of ash to deal with. Also I am getting a lot of slag type material in the fire pot. Never had those issues until the last 2 years. What has changed??

  • Comment Link Howard Tugel %AM, %05 %122 %2017 %01:%Jan posted by Howard Tugel

    I have 3 Quadra-Fire Santa Fe pellet stoves. I buy 4 tons of Golden Fire pellets each season. They are a pain, especially this year. Lots of dust, saw dust at the bottom of the bag, etc. plug the feed auger, sparks going everywhere. Cleaning fire pots every few days. Clinkers make cleaning difficult. I have to scrape with a big screw driver to open the doors. Lots of ash. I dismantle all three stoves every month to get ash out. Looking for a better brand.

  • Comment Link Johnny %AM, %03 %168 %2017 %03:%Jan posted by Johnny

    I've owned two Harmon Accentra pellet stoves (got another last year after moved and the original was 11 years old and going strong). I originally used GoldenFire, but after the first couple of years (about 9 years ago), they became somewhat inferior. I tried Bear Mt, but they too were not as good. Went to Pacific, then Packsaddle. Great pellets, those other brands, but this year I caught that GoldenFire seemed to be back, better than ever (100% Doug Fir, like the previous two I'd mentioned). Easy to get the GoldenFire locally, and they were on sale, too. I bought a ton and now I KNOW THEY ARE BACK! Better than ever, too. I found them to be super clean, high BTU, and just as good as they are touted by the company. I'm so glad and now I want others to know you can rely on these to be as good or better than ANY pellet on the market. Buy them on sale in the fall, you can't go wrong!

  • Comment Link Patricia %AM, %05 %355 %2016 %07:%Oct posted by Patricia

    In the above description of your Pellets, you state "Bear Mountain is same as our Goldenfire brand except we can mix up to 5% Western Red Cedar with the Douglas fir." Which one has the 5% Red Cedar mix in it -- The Bear Mountain or the Goldenfire brand??? The reason I'm asking is as I'm reading the reviews of the Goldenfire brand, people are saying that the Pellets are not of uniform sizes (some are small -some are long) and this is causing problems with their stoves.
    Thank You

  • Comment Link Mike Minard %PM, %21 %732 %2016 %16:%Feb posted by Mike Minard

    I have used a pellet stove for many years and have used either Golden Fire or Lignetics most of that time. I have always liked Golden Fire but the last batch I bought this year are very different from those in the past. I used to have to clean my stove about once a week and with my new Golden Fire pellets I find that I can go four to five times as long between cleanings. They are even better than they ever were. Keep up the good work.

  • Comment Link Carolyn Dallaire %PM, %22 %739 %2016 %16:%Jan posted by Carolyn Dallaire

    I have used Golden Fire for years. I have always been more than pleased with them.They have always been worth the extra price. That is until this years.
    The quality has really dropped. Every sack leaves handful and handful of fine sawdust in the hopper at the auger.. Also quite a few of the pellets are over 1-2 inch long. I understand from our stove cleaner company this is a poetical problem for auger clogging.

  • Comment Link Allison %PM, %15 %864 %2016 %19:%Jan posted by Allison

    We just purchased a Harmon P35i insert this year. The first bag of pellets we used was Packsaddle Pellets as we received a 1/2 ton of pellets with our insert purchase. They burn cleanly and produce good heat. We also bought 10 bags of Golden Fire pellets. They produced more heat than the Packsaddle pellets, the only problem was the inconsistent size of the pellets. You have very short ones and very long ones. Luckily the Harman auger is able to snap the longer pellets and we haven't had a problem with the auger getting clogged but you do hear the pellet snap inside the stove when it happens.

    Lignetics and Bear Mountain (the maker of Golden Fire pellets) have merged and hopefully they can address the issue with the pellet size as they do produce more heat and I haven't noticed any ash or dust difference between Packsaddle and Golden Fire and we prefer the heat that the Golden Fire pellets produce.

  • Comment Link Mike Comer %AM, %20 %220 %2015 %04:%Sep posted by Mike Comer

    I have used Golden Fire Pellets since 2006. First was a Thelen Stove, now using an Enviro Stove. Golden Fire puts out the best heat, and burns the cleanest of them all. I've tried some cheaper brands, but for the heat, Golden Fire tops them all. I liked the heat from hardwood pellets, but, they plugged up the ash pot. Also Golden Fire Pellets burn cleaner keeping the Glass Door clean much longer!!


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