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Green Supreme Wood Pellets

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Green Supreme Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Manufactured by New England Wood Pellets




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  • Comment Link Thomas Cornell Tuesday, 24 March 2015 13:11 posted by Thomas Cornell

    what happened to the quality of the pellets?? we always had good luck with them ,but just bought 15 bags and they were terrible, no heat and a lot sawdust and moisture.. we are very disappointed.! we bought them from Home Depot in Bennington,Vt.05201 also we had friends that made the same complaint
    Phyllis & Tom Cornell
    81 Oakes St.

  • Comment Link Paul Thursday, 19 March 2015 20:43 posted by Paul

    Very poor pellets! Ran 4 tons of Fireside Ultra from H.D. from Nov-early March. I was able to run my 10 year old St. Croix Prescott stove 24/7 with shutdown every 3 days to vacuum burn pot/ash pan. No problems with the Fireside pellets-burn pot not clogged and expected amounts of ash.
    Recently bought 15 bags of Green Supreme from Lowes and have to shut stove down every 24 hours to clean burn pot which is plugged with ash, also un-burnt pellets inside stove in ash pah-they do not burn well at all. I have also run 1/2 ton Lignetics in the stove this year with no problems. I will not buy Green Supreme again.

    Paul from MA

  • Comment Link Bruce Papps Monday, 16 March 2015 20:29 posted by Bruce Papps

    We have used this product for the past six years , this is the first year with lots of small wood fines( dust fine) also small slivers of wood ! mill registration no. 16003
    We purchased four tons from Lowes in Gilford n.h.

  • Comment Link leo Saturday, 14 March 2015 22:00 posted by leo

    Greien supreme burn well but I get a lot of ash I have a harmon advance great stove have to clean every week not happy with that will try a different bran next year

  • Comment Link James R Sullivan Monday, 09 March 2015 18:43 posted by James R Sullivan

    Harman P61A-2
    Worst pellet in the industry in my opinion. Either that or we got a bad batch. I am presently empty my ash pan twice a ton. I also clean my stove especially the esp probe twice a month. My stove hates this pellet.

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