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Green Supreme Wood Pellets

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Green Supreme Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Manufactured by New England Wood Pellets




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  • Comment Link max k Thursday, 22 January 2015 00:36 posted by max k

    Tried 15 bags in my Harman P68, because of difficulty getting Maine woods Pellets, good burn, good heat, good feed, minimal dust, but left HUGE formed clinkers pushing out of the self cleaning pot. I wouldn't want to clean my stove over the course of 5 tons/season with these. I 'll try to send the pic

  • Comment Link jim Thursday, 15 January 2015 16:27 posted by jim

    the green supreme's I purchased at tractor supply are the best I have found to burn in my ussc Ashley heating I will buy enough for all heating season they are by far the best I have brought yet.

  • Comment Link Theresa Faria Monday, 12 January 2015 23:58 posted by Theresa Faria

    I am truly upset because my stove almost broke down because of these pellets. We found a nail about 6 inches long stuck in our auger,which caused our stove to stop . We emptied our entire stove to discover this very long,pointy nail.
    We didn't get cut fortunately . The nail had to have fallen in the bag. We have already purchased 3 tons of Green Supreme pellets so we know this is the only brand used in our stove.
    I know accidents happen, but wanted to alert quality control about our situation .
    Please alert management also.
    Thanks for your concern,
    Theresa Faria

  • Comment Link Jim Sunday, 11 January 2015 20:29 posted by Jim

    Hello, I have a USS-King/Ashley 5500M pellet stove. I've set it up with a thermostat located 35ft. from the stove, I set it at 71 degrees. I have placed a 20" box fan on top of the stove pointing at the thermostat. The basement is 2000sq.ft. insulated and finished. I've installed a "24"x24" filter return air register" in the main gas furnace return air duct in the basement ceiling it is 6' from the thermostat. Ok that said, I've been operating like this for 3 years. I turn the furnace blower on "CAC". The pellets I have purchased over an 8 year period have been a mixture of good and bad most would blacken the door glass within a few bags depending on manufacturer and that was with pellet feed rate and combustion air to get the most heat from the pellets. Some of the pellets from these manufacturers would fill the burn pot with black carbon within a week, some others the pot would stay fairly clean. By the way I check the output temperature of the pellets using a magnetic flue temperature gauge 50 to 850 degrees made by Rutland they call it a Burn Indicator. its mounted in the front center of my pellet stove between the door and the hot air outlet.
    I just purchased 2 tons of GREEN SURPREME pellets. My furnace has not been used since last year it was clean accept for the door glass which was half covered with black soot. I did not clean it because I figured it would be black within a few bags of burned pellets anyway. So I filled my hopper with 3 bags of Green Supreme pellets fired it up set the feed rate to max and fired it up. I set the combustion air to 98% and adjusted the pellet feed till the temperature gauge was at +400 degrees burned 9 bags at that those setting for 6 days. Today I let it run out of fuel and shut down. Half of the door glass had a white film on it, the black soot was gone. The burn pot had about 3/4" of loose carbon in it which when I turned it over and bumped it, the carbon fell out, the pot was fairly clean. I cleaned the furnace, refilled it, fired it up. When it got to 400 degrees I started to trim the pellet feed, I think it was a little rich. The temperature climbed to 575 degrees max that's where I left it. I'll check it next week to see if the burn pot has any carbon in it and I'll watch the door glass for signs of black soot, If you are using a thermostat you know when it hits setpoint it drops the furnace to its lowest pellet feed rate and you will need to maybe lower the low fire combustion air setpoint to keep the furnace on and ready for when the thermostat calls for max fire.
    I've seen a lot of bad reviews on Green Supreme Pellets but they seem to be the best I have come across in the last eight years. Try max combustion air and trim the pellet feed for max temperature. Seems to work for me time will tell. I'm trying to heat about 4200sq.ft. Without using the propane furnace...

  • Comment Link Scott Freebern Thursday, 08 January 2015 22:52 posted by Scott Freebern

    I have been a Avalon stove owner for over 20 years and have never seen such a poor quality pellet, THEY DONT BURN. My firebox is clogged after 1/2 a bag. A friend of mine has a stove and has the same problem wiyh this brand

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