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Greene Team (Green Team) wood pellet fuel pellets

Pellet quality is our number one goal at Greene Team. We receive fresh sawdust daily from local sawmills and process it into wood pellet fuel quickly. The sawdust never has had a chance to degrade prior to pelletization. This ensures the highest BTU value possible. Our state of the art facility allows us to produce the highest quality pellet fuel consistently. We have an in house lab and test finished product every ½ hour to maintain quality control. All pellets are screened twice prior to bagging to eliminate fines in the bag.

  • Bulk Density (lbs/cubic foot): 40 - 46
  • Diameter (inches): 0.250 to 0.285
  • Fines % (at the mill gate): < 0.5
  • Inorganic Ash %: 0 - 1
  • Length (% greater than 1.5 inches): < 1
  • Moisture %: <= 8
  • BTUs: > 8000

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  • Comment Link Jay Sunday, 21 September 2014 02:05 posted by Jay

    I bought some from Lowes in late August, this year (2014). I recently attempted to use a bag only to find that they do not ignite. I thought at first it may be my stove and so attempted to start them using a starter brick in the stove and then (just in case the stove didn't have enough air being fed), outside. They still would not start. The pellets would "singe" black and that was all they'd do. I'm guessing based on other reviews that it may just be a bad batch, but I am not impressed since I had to pick up and put away all 3 pallets.

  • Comment Link Ray G Friday, 04 April 2014 13:02 posted by Ray G

    I've been burning wood pellets in my Enviro pellet stove for 5 years. I've burned several brands of pellets and none have produced the black soot that the Greene Team pellets produce. I even did a thorough cleaning of the stove, stove pipe and chimney, and even replaced the door gasket. Nothing seem to help the black soot problem. I contacted Greene Team and they sent me a box to return a bag of pellets for testing. As you might expect, the company found that the pellets met all specifications. I believe that something besides wood was introduced into the manufacturing process of these pellets. Since this company was previously a coal mining company, I believe that coal is the culprit of this black soot problem.

  • Comment Link Peggy Sue Plaisted Wednesday, 26 March 2014 23:49 posted by Peggy Sue Plaisted

    Hello Rob,
    Just wanted to say "Thank You" for making quality pellets! I have been burning all different brands for 7 years now, and your Green Team pellets are by far the best! They burn exactly as you claim, which is rare. So keep up the good work, and produce more! I have had a hard time getting them. Always sold out! Would it be possible for you to contact Agway in Grove City, PA in reference to having your brand on stock? Would save me a long drive to get them elsewhere. Once again, love your pellets and keep them coming!
    Peggy Sue Plaisted

  • Comment Link Dan Barboza Monday, 10 March 2014 01:14 posted by Dan Barboza

    Would like to know where I can find your pellets again
    I used them in the past and loved them I have a Harman stove
    I live in south coast, MA

  • Comment Link Rick Langevin Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:29 posted by Rick Langevin

    I bought 2 1/2 tons this year and was impressed. Good heat and clean burn. I have a Harmon P43 and clean the burn pot and glass every day and find it very easy. I also do a major cleaning once a month.

    I would have more impressed had they not burned very fast compared to other pellets I have used.

    I would use them again if the price was right. Compared to comparable pellets I feel Lowes pricing was a bit too high at $280.00 per ton and no volume discount.

  • Comment Link Joe McDonald Tuesday, 18 February 2014 16:49 posted by Joe McDonald

    I have a breckwell stove and have been burning pellets for approx. 6 years. I purchased 4 tons of Green Team Platinum pellets from Lowes. These are the worst pellets I have ever used. The stove glass gets extremely sooty and I have to clean the fire pot every other day as they don't completely burn. I used Green Supreme last year and they were far better than these.

  • Comment Link Todd Friday, 14 February 2014 23:51 posted by Todd

    This is the 2nd winter burning Greene Team pellets in my Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE. I have been very satisfied with these pellets. They give off a lot of heat and I don't see much different in the ash I get from it than I have other pellets I've burned; Corinth, Athens, Northeast (all from Maine). These pellets are made in Penn. I purchased mine from Lowes. I have read that a hardwood pellet does leave more ash than a softwood but I haven't burned a softwood pellet, only these hardwood, the others were a blend of hard and soft.

  • Comment Link Dustin Friday, 07 February 2014 21:00 posted by Dustin

    What a material of un-amƅiguity and preserνeness of valuable knowledge ߋn the topic
    of unеxpected emotions.

  • Comment Link Mark Z. Wednesday, 22 January 2014 01:15 posted by Mark Z.

    I purchase 10 tons of Greene Team Premium pellets from Lowes in November. 5 tons for me and 5 for my father's house. I was told by the sale person that these were the best pellets available and worth the extra $40/ ton. Its the last time I believe anything a salesperson at Lowes tells me. They have been a night mare. I have a top of the line Harman XXV and prior to this year, I have always burned New England or Barefoot brand pellets and never had any issues. Once I started burning Greene Team Pellets, my glass got full of soot daily, the pellets never burn completely and I am having to clean my stove and empty my ash pan every other day instead of once a week. These are the worst pellets on the market and I am sorry I ever purchased them. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of them left and have no choice but to deal with it. I would advise anyone against this brand. First time in my life I felt compelled enough to inform others to stay away from a product. I would hate for anyone else to go through what I have had to endure with this brand of pellet.

  • Comment Link Jim B Friday, 17 January 2014 02:05 posted by Jim B

    great greene "platinum" pellets. purchased at Lowes for $5.59/bag. very expensive but best pellets ive bought this year. burned in a new drolet eco 45 stove. almost no ash and the heat seems better than average. looking to find a better price/supplier. i like the cheat river hardwood from lowes, and the PA pellets from HEP north main lumber @ $479-$4.99/bag as well, however they seem to produce more ash. the ash in all the 3 described brands is better than hardwood softwood blends, nut the few bags of Greene pellets bought yesterday are very clean. i think the there has been some quality control issues with every brand ive purchased this year because sometimes the difference is with the same brand between bags. storage probably has to do with it. manufacturers supply saw dust too. ill have to check moisture content sometime.

  • Comment Link Bob Kimball Wednesday, 01 January 2014 21:54 posted by Bob Kimball

    I have burned various wood pellets for over 15 years. I have a Harmon Accentra Cast Iron Pellet Stove. Last year I purchased 2 tons of Greene Team Pellets at Lowes. The claim is that these are 100% hardwood pellets but I find this hard to believe. These pellets are by far the dirtiest pellets I have ever used. I clean my burn chamber every 2- 3 days and there is so much buildup there I have to use a hammer and screwdriver to break it up before I can begin to scrape the chamber.

  • Comment Link Betsy Tuesday, 31 December 2013 01:38 posted by Betsy

    Best pellets this year. Purchased a ton of these at Lowes this year. Great price, clean burn. We have a 3 year old Harmon Accentra insert which we clean thoroughly weekly and professionally on an annual basis. Compared to the Spruce pointe that I paid a third more for they are super stars!

  • Comment Link Tim Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:39 posted by Tim

    My Problem is with Lowes, I really like the pellets but my local Lowes never stocks enough. Plus they charge 5.49 per bag.

  • Comment Link Bill Friday, 06 December 2013 17:03 posted by Bill

    HI an up date from green team, i called the factory again and talked to one of the owners and i told him about my problem with the pellets and he sent me a box to send a bag back and paid the shipping and a check for 6 bucks to cover the cost of a bag he told me that he had no idea about the problem and he then looked at this web site and had a reason for asking for a bag of them form me, he is going to get back to me with some answers when hes does ill post them on this site. evry one who has problems with any pellet should call the company and tell them about this problem,
    And last but not least i called lowes and told them about my problem and they came and picket up the rest of the pellets at no charge to me Lowes is a great place to do businees with, I hope i was not to long winded with this note ,

  • Comment Link Bill Wednesday, 20 November 2013 16:36 posted by Bill

    Hi i have an quadrofire insert a 1200 to be exact, i clean my stove a lot, last year i tried some green team pellets, they were not to bad so this year i bouhgt 1 ton of them,ui shoulld of purchsed maybe 10 bags but i did not, and what a screwing ihave gotten, they dont burn for crap no heat glass gets black with sootl ots of ash in pan have to empty it every day what a mess never again.I called the green team bunch and ws told it must be my stove, they dont want to admitt they have crappy pellets. so as far as iam concerrned they can kiss my butt and i will bad mouth them to everyone i can see/
    I ws burning a different brand this fall and they were great and ten i tried green team what junk noheat and dirty. hope some one else is pissed aboutt his as iam.

  • Comment Link John Monday, 07 October 2013 17:27 posted by John

    I used 4 tons for the 2012-2013 winter season. The heat level seemed OK, but the ash pan had to be emptied much more often than usual. The worst thing was the awful black soot buildup in the stove and all over the glass. Terrible mess for every cleaning and I paid $1,020 for the 4 tons.

  • Comment Link Rob Monday, 18 February 2013 02:09 posted by Rob

    Tried Greene Team from Lowes for the first and last time. They leave more ash than any of the other pellets that I have ever burned. I would say about three days worth compared to other pellets. I am burning in an old Vermont Castings Reliance, which has been working well for the past 22 years.

  • Comment Link Anthony Konisky Tuesday, 05 February 2013 23:35 posted by Anthony Konisky

    great pellet I have tried several other
    brands and these burn well I have a Quadra fire insert and have burned about ten bags
    price is ok if you have a military id lowes will give you an extra 10% off

  • Comment Link John Monday, 14 January 2013 12:53 posted by John

    I tried 4 bags of these last week. Really cold out and the pellet was just ok. Not a ton of heat but adequate. I did not notice an excessive amount of ash or soot, so that was fine. The problem for me was the price. Not outragous but over $5 a bag and $250 per ton, I would go with the Maine Woods.

  • Comment Link bill Wednesday, 09 January 2013 19:49 posted by bill

    an up date on these pellets, got in to really burning these and the more i burned, the worse the carbon build up, had to shut down stove to clean fire pot ever day, these may be ok in the fall of the year to burn but not whne it gets real cold out side, as i cant depend on them not to clog up my fire pot and not restart when i am not home. byer beware try a few bags.

  • Comment Link andrew Wednesday, 02 January 2013 19:56 posted by andrew

    I used Greene Team from Lowe's all last year and they were great.

    They suck this year though. I got them from the same Lowe's and the Late 2012 batch is just horrible. Ash everywhere, have to clean the burn pot basically every day. Fines are evident the moment they ignite. This was *not* the case last year. In fact it was the complete opposite.

  • Comment Link Carbon in CT Saturday, 15 December 2012 13:08 posted by Carbon in CT

    GREENE (with an E on the end) TEAM pellets from Lowes, I have 2 tons, burned ~ 20 bags, stove shut down ! Here's situation: 1st these pellets leave an EXCESSIVE amount of carbon resin in the fire pot - need to scrap after ever 2-3 bags. 2nd: the feed through slot above the auger got clogged with a combo of fines & 'gue' that came from pellets as they warmed in the hopper / upper section of auger. What a mess and taking this appart was pita. Now... I'm runnning test with other brands of pellets, scraping the carbon and save samples - than what.. Back to Lowes with my samples ... See what happens

  • Comment Link Bill Thursday, 13 December 2012 22:44 posted by Bill

    green team platinums, this is my first year burning this brand. so far not a bad one to burn, I had to up my feed rate to get these to give the heat that i want, i have found very few fines in them too, no clinkers and a clean burn too, I think tha every one should try different brands too, do not be come hooked on one brandthat keeps getting higer in cost every year.
    i have a quadrafire insert and i clean it every 6 days if it needs it or not, in stoves you get what you pay for.
    i have burnig this unit for 3 years

  • Comment Link John Tuesday, 04 December 2012 09:41 posted by John

    Note there is no Green Team - but there is Greene Team and Green Supremes. Not made by same company. The Greene Team I tested so far this year has produced good heat and low ash. Definitely a premium pellet but the cost was also higher at the big box store than other brands. My stove is a 25PDVC burning 24x7.

  • Comment Link David Draleaus Sunday, 25 November 2012 00:08 posted by David Draleaus

    I tried 3 bags of these pellets in my Harmen XXV, and I was not happy they burn very dirty, lots of ash and carbon build up. My glass and heating coils were very black. I also tried the other green team, the burned cleaner, still produced large amount of carbon. You get what you pay for?

  • Comment Link thomas dupre Saturday, 24 November 2012 22:23 posted by thomas dupre

    i have found it is hit or miss with most pellets.green team work well in my stoves breckwell big e and a 10 year old american energy t-40 ,my first stove. green team at 4.18 a bag at lowes or 209 a ton are great for the price

  • Comment Link Dennis g Saturday, 03 November 2012 11:28 posted by Dennis g

    Englander pdvc 25 stove,
    I bought a few bags of green team hardwood a few days ago, this years batch does put out better heat than last year, hardly any dust, there is a big improvement from last year, only complaint I have is it is more sooty than last year, glass blackens quickly.

  • Comment Link Linda Tuesday, 06 March 2012 20:29 posted by Linda

    Our first winter with our new harman accentra insert and I must say I really doubted it would heat our 1900 sq ft home... but it does!!! We bought Green Team Pellets from Lowes and found it burns quick and heats up fast too. But I find it does produce ALOT of ash and the glass gets very dirty fast. I would buy again though. Infact, hoping Lowes still has some in stock as they are starting to run out for the season.

  • Comment Link Rob Saturday, 03 March 2012 23:20 posted by Rob

    We have a Harmen Acentra and for the past 6 years we have tried many brands of pellets and the Green Team is by far the best. Low ash, clean burning, lights fast and a very hot fire. Now that Lowes has closed in out area I hope I can find a place to buy them in the fall.

  • Comment Link Dennis G Saturday, 03 March 2012 12:14 posted by Dennis G

    This is my first year using a pellet stove, englander 25 pdvc.
    I decided to try a few brands before I bought major tonnage. I will list the box store brands since they were the cheapest in my area and the easiest to get.

    Lowes- Green team- the worst burn time, 8 deg lower temp. low flame and heat compared to the other brands small pellets andseem to fall appart to crums. Very sooty, and 3x more ash than the other brands, lots of clinkers ,Not impressed at all other than price $4.07 a bag or $ 389 a ton.

    Natures own- moderate heat, good burn time. Lots of ash and soot, a few clinkers. Small pellets, lots of dust. 4.19 a bag. $389.00 a ton

    Wal-mart- natures heat by Pennington- real good heat, nice flame, larger pellets few smalls. soot is on the low side, ash not bad,
    Theses pellets are a dark red color. They put out a strange smell outside similar to burning cow crap other than that they are good pellets. $5 a bag no discount on tonage.

    Home depot- stove chow.
    This was the only brand my home depot carried this year.
    Very high heat on low setting. Nice size pellets, Long burn times per bag. Spoon full of ash in a 24 hr period, little sooty but does not darken my glass like the others. Not a clinker at all yet. This was the winner for my stove.
    The price was higher than lowes but as hot as stove chow burns I wilill make that $ back in efficiency . 4.90 a bag or $209 a ton.

    All stoves like different pellets you just gotta find what your stove likes. And the way I'm hearing pellet batches change from year to year so it's a good idea to sample different brands to see what's burns better.
    York county, pa

  • Comment Link bob rabida Friday, 02 March 2012 14:59 posted by bob rabida

    I have got to say that Green Team Wood Pellets are by far the best woodpellets out there.I live in Coos county New Hampshire and after trying 6 kinds of pellets that these are the best burning and by far burn hotter than any other pellet I have tried.I have only had my 1500 squft Englander pellet stove for this season.I got them at lowes but after calling the last 6 stores in a 100mile area of me they have none and say they are not getting anymore this season.To bad now I am using fireside pellets from homedepot that are not as hot burning as the Green Team pellet.I would put green team pellets at a 12 for a rating of 1 to 10. One being the worse and 10 the best. The fireside ultra from Home depot are about a 8.

  • Comment Link Jumpin Joe Murph Saturday, 25 February 2012 15:46 posted by Jumpin Joe Murph

    Best pellet i've ever burned. i have a 5 year old Breckwell vermonter, and it can burn anything, but the high heat and low fines of this brand is the best.

  • Comment Link mlove Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:20 posted by mlove

    I am using a stove for the first time this year - harman accentra insert. It is heating my 2500 sq ft house by itself. I bought one ton of the green team pellets from lowes and so far (about 15-20 bags in) I am not impressed. Lowes did store these in their garden section which is not covered. The pallet was wrapped but after reading comments here I am assuming some extra moisture got into the bags. They are producing soo much ash I need to clean the burn pot every other day. I have to scrape off black ash embedded at the bas of the burn pot each week as well or the stove will not lite the next time around. I am trying many other bags (platinum fire, cleanfire, and LG granules) and all of those have burned much better.

  • Comment Link Steven masi Sunday, 12 February 2012 14:25 posted by Steven masi

    Best pellets I ever burned, no clinkers , low ash n burns very hot!!!
    I was burning hamer's hot one's but would get clinker all the time no matter what setting I had it on. No clinker here with GT!!! Hamer's had alot of fines too theres none with these. And for the money you can't go wrong. Got them at Lowes hard to come by but love them this is my one an only pellets I'll burn from now on. I have a Whitfield Quest n my stove is working like a champ wit GT.

  • Comment Link Samuel R Little Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:30 posted by Samuel R Little

    I just bought a new USA Stove model 5500m and these pellets fill up the burn pot completely and when you turn off the stove the last few in there just smoulder. I clean the stove every day as I did with my old stove, but never had this problem. I have checked with USA Stove and they tried to ajust my stove to compensate the bad burn. Only thing we acn figure out is there is alot of glue in these pellets from a furniture maker, which makes them burn this way, this makes it not a clean burn will never buy them again, have two tons I can't use so I'm out $400.00

  • Comment Link Matt Saturday, 19 November 2011 15:08 posted by Matt

    I love green team, this is my first year with my stove and am very impressed with the quality,heat and the ash. no clinkers. they seem to burn to a fine ash, I've tried a few others but only one compares, and they were more expensive, lowes had these a monthg ago for 197.00 a ton but whenb i called to get another after trying these out and liking them , they jacked the price to 274.50 WOW!! so long green team, going back to energex for 239.0 unless i can find green team somewhere else for less or comparable, just to much of a jump, not greean teams fault I hope, Id like to think it is lowes trying to cash in.

  • Comment Link Greg Monday, 31 October 2011 04:54 posted by Greg

    One of the best pellet brands I have ever used. I have a somewhat older stove (less sophisticated) Lenox Traditions T300P from 2004. It needs a superior pellet to run properly. Greene Team makes it run beautifully.

  • Comment Link Connie Treen Thursday, 27 October 2011 22:41 posted by Connie Treen

    We have been very happy and successful burning Green Team pellets over the past couple of years but are VERY angry to be told by Lowe's that GT has increased the price by about 40% this year because the demand for their product has increased.

  • Comment Link B  B Wood Pellets Saturday, 22 October 2011 21:43 posted by B B Wood Pellets

    We are a dealer of Pellets. We carry Green Team Pellets. All of our customers that burn them really like them. They burn very well for us, with very little ash and keep our glass very clean. We are located in central New York. Please eamil or call if you are in needs of Green Team Pellets.
    Real687@verizon.net or (315)687-6485

  • Comment Link pknipper Wednesday, 21 September 2011 18:24 posted by pknipper

    We live in NH and last two years have been very cold which meant burning more wood pellets than usual. We used Pennington from Walmart which was 'okay' and Maine's Choice was garbage for our Englander 25-PDVC pellet stove. Like David said the Greene Team burns very hot and produces very little ash. It only takes minutes before these wood pellets ignite with the fierce upward flame.

    Lowe's in Greenland last year had the Greene Team and we absolutely fell in love with the very minimal ash and how hot it burned! It was so hot we often had to turn the fan and heat to the lowest setting during the day even during middle of February. Our co-worker's pellet stove is different so he finds the Maine's Choice to burn really well. It just never worked for our stove.

    In either case, we called Greene Team in PA who were very helpful and let us know the next delivery to Lowe's in this area and they happen to be delivering two truckloads nearby. Stopped by the same day and now have 5 tons coming in! I think we'll do this before summer next year for sure!

    Quality service on top of quality products is very hard to find in a company these days.

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