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Greenway Wood Pellets

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Greenway Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Greenway Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

• Greenway Wood Fuel Pellets burn consistently HOT with an extremely small amount of ash.
• Greenway Wood Fuel Pellets are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust and wood waste materials generated from our very own unfinished hardwood flooring operation and contain no bark and no additives.

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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: I just got a great burn out of these pellets. The first thing I noticed when opening a bag of these pellets was the fantastic smell. It was as if I just laid a hardwood floor down. The awesome oak smell filled the room. The burn was great as well. These pellets are super dense so keep that air up high. The ash is incredibly low and I only had to scrap the burnpot 2 times to get rid of some small clinkers clogging the wholes. No big deal at all. These pellets are a must burn and I'm not sure how the commenter's below had such a lousy experience with them. I'm wondering if this is a case of mistaken identity. Fantastic pellets!!

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  • Comment Link Sharon Forney Monday, 13 October 2014 14:22 posted by Sharon Forney

    We use a Harman P43 and have found after trying several other brands of pellets, Greenway by Hassell & Hughes Lumber Co are the best! They burn consistently hot with little ash and no clinkers and best of all no creosote in the chimney pipe. We do sift the fines out of the bag before putting pellets into the stove hopper, which our stove dealer recommended, and have had no issues with auger clogs since installation in Jan 2012. Our only problem is locating a dealer that carries them since we live in North Ga. We were fortunate to get 2 tons at Ace Hardware in Oct 2013, but this year they stopped carrying them.

  • Comment Link Don Elgan Saturday, 13 September 2014 12:33 posted by Don Elgan

    I have burnt Greenway for several years now and won't buy anything else. Hardly no ash compared to others I had tried. Great heat and highly recommend. When stores around have their buy early specials, I ask what kind they are getting--course they don't know what they will get until it gets there. I tell them I want 3 ton but won't accept anything but Greenway

  • Comment Link Tim Froning Thursday, 13 March 2014 14:14 posted by Tim Froning

    I posted a comment back in Feb regarding these pellets. There are a few more things I would like to add. I have noticed after burning them and have used about 1/2 ton the pellets burn up alot faster than the AWF pellets I used previously. On cold 20deg days in my house I burn at least a half bag more, and the same in the shop. I still have to say that the pellet burns well it just to fast.

  • Comment Link Michael Haller Wednesday, 05 March 2014 01:43 posted by Michael Haller

    I bought some Greenway pellets several years ago and they were JUNK. They are the only product I have come across that my Whitfield stove wont burn.... Stay away!

  • Comment Link Tim Froning Wednesday, 26 February 2014 19:25 posted by Tim Froning

    Just bought a ton of these pellets on the 26th, and burnt two bags in my Pelpro steptop in 24 hours. The temp has been 6 deg. f. at night and in 20s at day. I,m heating about 2000 sq. ft. at a temp of about 72 deg. average. I was burning American Wood Fiber and tried two bags of greenway pellets right after I had purchased a ton of the AWF at the beginning of Feb. and liked the way the Greenway pellets burnt. Since Greenway pellets and AWF are both hard wood pellets it should make a good comparison. The Greenway pellets seem to have alot of fines and thier dusty but they burn very clean. When I fill my hopper I cut the bag four inces from the side and pour all of the pellets in except for a large coffee container full. Then I sift the last of the pellets to remove the fines before putting the rest in the stove. There is some ash but not to bad. The pellets are a bit larger and feed at a slower rate, which I turned the Auger setting up to three and cut the air about 2/3 on the damper. So far There hasn't been a klinker and minimal soot. I'm hoping to get a few days out of them before cleaning the stove. I think over all the Greenway is an excellent hardwood pellet. It doesn't burn as hot as the AWF but more efficient which means less cleaning and better BTUs. I live in rural mid Missouri so I am limited on the type of pellets that I have access to. I purchased this ton of pellets at Orschelns @ 200.00 a ton.Next year I will prebuy a couple of tons of Greenway unless something better comes along. The Greenway pellets are much better so far than the AWF. I can,t give the Greenway a five star because of all the pellets out there, but a solid four for me.

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