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Greenway Wood Pellets

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Greenway Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Greenway Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

• Greenway Wood Fuel Pellets burn consistently HOT with an extremely small amount of ash.
• Greenway Wood Fuel Pellets are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust and wood waste materials generated from our very own unfinished hardwood flooring operation and contain no bark and no additives.

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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: I just got a great burn out of these pellets. The first thing I noticed when opening a bag of these pellets was the fantastic smell. It was as if I just laid a hardwood floor down. The awesome oak smell filled the room. The burn was great as well. These pellets are super dense so keep that air up high. The ash is incredibly low and I only had to scrap the burnpot 2 times to get rid of some small clinkers clogging the wholes. No big deal at all. These pellets are a must burn and I'm not sure how the commenter's below had such a lousy experience with them. I'm wondering if this is a case of mistaken identity. Fantastic pellets!!

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  • Comment Link bob neild Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00 posted by bob neild

    bought harmon p38 used ( only 6 times ) seller gave me 800lbs. brand name was ' heat resource' cannot find a word about them. very hard to find a retailer of pellets here ( Asheville n.c.) . going to try greenway wood pellets from lowe's. 5.00 a bag. I do understand what the klunkers are from 'heat resource' brand. had to remove every 8-12 hrs. will try greenway for awhile and see what happen's. just praying I don't harm stove withnot having a choice of buying or knowing of a real premium pellet.

  • Comment Link darlene christian Sunday, 30 November 2014 22:53 posted by darlene christian

    We gave a King pellet stove from about 2003.
    The Greenway pellets burn the best in this stove. Very little ash and a nice hot fire. I haven't seen any clinkers accumulating in the fire box. I burned another brand when I couldn't find Greenwa, and the ash and clinkers in the fire pot nearly shut down the auger.. I don't know about other brands of stoves, but Greenway is best by far in my stove. We have tried many brands over the years.

  • Comment Link steve fisher Thursday, 20 November 2014 00:10 posted by steve fisher

    I am new to the pellet stove game.i bought a ton of super premium oak pellets, made by greenway. I am suprized at how hot they burn and the very minimal ash that produce! I don't have to worry about who my next ton of pellets will be produced by! awesome product.

  • Comment Link Tim Froning Friday, 14 November 2014 14:27 posted by Tim Froning

    I've been burning these pellets for a couple of weeks so far, and this year they are burning great.
    The pellets are consistant and the fines are low. I preorder a few tons and got a great deal.

  • Comment Link Ted Sunday, 02 November 2014 18:33 posted by Ted

    Every season I buy several different brands myself and test them out and for the last two years, I have burnt Greenway these pellets do have a fantastic smell. Hardly any ash compared to the others I had tried. Great heat, no clinkers clogging the wholes and highly recommend.
    The past two years I have bought them from Meijer’s when they have there “Super Saturday Sale” going on, this year they were priced $4.58 a bag with the discount’s I got it down to $2.71 a bag. Meijer’s does not have a cap on how many tons you can buy like others in my area. I usually go through 2 tons a season.

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