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Great Tool For Cleaning Your Harman Burnpot Of Carbon So here is a great tool that I like to use when chipping away the "diamonds" from the bottom of the…
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If live in New England and looking for a super great pellets and company to work with or if you are new to burning pellets with a new stove, then…
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Best Ash Vac For Your Pellet Stove

If you keep your stove clean then maybe you won't complain about your pellets! If you are looking for an awesome ash vac for your pellet stove, this is the…
Are softwood pellets better than hardwood Pellets? Understanding the properties of wood pellets helps consumers to choose wisely when stocking up fuel, making the most of their heating investment. You…
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South Shore Wood Pellets of MA

South Shore Heating Pellets is the NEW South Shore Wood Pellets.  There are a ton of customers that used to purchase pellets from SSWP but now that I hear they…
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Owning a Wood Pellet Stove: 101

Here are some basic tips for owning your first wood pellet stove. Always begin by reading the owner’s manual that came with the stove.  Every brand is slightly different and…
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How Long Do Wood Pellets Last

Wood pellets are a popular choice for heating the home during cold winter months.  Here are some things to consider when determining how many bags of wood pellets to stock…
Bravo Pellets & Grills - Vinnie sells the best pellets on the Island so give him a call or order right through his website!
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Double B's BBQ Pellets Inwood, WV

Yes, you can cook with pellets!  It's the best food you will ever taste.  And yes, the admin of sells to retailers all over the country LumberJack brand BBQ…
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Wisconsin Wood Pellets

Here is a great retailer of some heating pellets in WI.  Rodney from Daizy sweeps offers great service and pricing for everything wood pellet related. Daizy Sweeps W2604 County Road…
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Pellet Stove Maintenance

Wood pellet stove maintenance is crucial for the best heating results.  Improper care of the stove can result in safety hazards and poor heating.  A thorough cleaning will resolve these…
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Varying Types of Wood Pellets

No two wood pellets are the same. There will be differences in color and length depending on the materials used and where the pellets were manufactured.  The colors vary based…
Yes, Tractor Supply, Lowe's & Home Depot sell ALOT of wood pellets!  check out this years pellets at Home Depot.  Although I have never been a big fan of purchasing…
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Wood Pellets on the South Shore of MA Is a Great Retailer of really good pellets and a nice new douglas fir pellet.  The BT Utifull pellets are milled up by WOW and I hear that they are…
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Summer Storage for Wood Pellets

Summer rains and humidity can be damaging to your wood pellets.  Here are a few steps you can take to protect your pellet supply… Always store wood pellets in a…
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Pellet Heated Body Shop

Bump and Grind Auto Body is one of the best body shops here in Southern NH.  Not only do they do great work but they also heat the entire 10k…
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Pellet Fort ~ 3 boys & 3 Tons = Fun

What do you do with 3 tons of awesome pellets and 3 boys who won't get off the ipods? Build a 2 room and 1 hallway fort!
This 2014-15 wood pellet season is going to be warm, toasty and not much ash.  Yes, I'm going to be burning the CleanFire Pacific pellets this year which are fantastic.…
Wood pellets have been used in the heating industry for years. Different types of wood pellets allow for different experiences and wood pellet stove operation, affecting both the efficiency and…
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The best and possibly perfect wood pellet

Could this be?.... the best pellet in the world?... So I "googled" Oregon wood pellets Douglas fir and found this pellet on the 5th page of google.  Virtually invisible to…
ProPellets just arrived at the door!  one of my favorites.  These pellets are super dense and put out some serious heat.
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New Corinth Wood Pellet Bag

The Corinth Wood Pellets landed today!  Thank you Corinth.  I like the new bag. I just need to get the updated stats on these pellets.  I can not tell if…
Just received some Bear Mountain and Golden Fire pellets all the way from Oregon where the best pellets on earth are produced. Indeck just arrived yesterday and I love the…
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Tips on Wood Pellet Storage

Wood pellet stoves provide efficient, reliable heat to countless homes across North America. Tips on wood pellet storage allow users to keep this heating system running well, providing maximum value…

Best Wood Pellets 2017-18

  • American Wood Fibers Hardwood

    American Wood Fibers Hardwood

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  • Logik-e Softwood Pellets

    Logik-e Softwood Pellets

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  • Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir

    Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir

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  • Somerset Wood Pellets

    Somerset Wood Pellets

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  • Maine Woods Softwood Pellet

    Maine Woods Softwood Pellet

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  • Hamer's Hot Ones

    Hamer's Hot Ones

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  • EasyBlaze Wood Pellets

    EasyBlaze Wood Pellets

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  • Golden Fire Wood Pellets

    Golden Fire Wood Pellets

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  • La Crete Wood Pellets

    La Crete Wood Pellets

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  • North Idaho Energy Logs Pellets

    North Idaho Energy Logs Pellets

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  • Northern Warmth Purely Pine

    Northern Warmth Purely Pine

    Super Read More
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