Independence Wood Pellets

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Independence pellets burn very clean, this means your ash clean up is minimal. Longer burning, lower moisture and higher bulk density means more heat per pound. Independence pellets are manufactured from 100% natural renewable resources. No trees are harvested to produce Independence pellets. Potomac is the manufacture of Indenpendece brand and cuts no corners to produce there premium products.

8,600 plus BTU'S on averagre, low ash content .35%

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  • Comment Link Dave Sunday, 16 December 2012 12:46 posted by Dave

    I have a Quadra Fire 1200 pellet stove that has been able to burn/feed most pellets. I have been disappointed with these pellets. First there is a higher content of sawdust in these than any other premium priced pellet I have bought. More concerning is the poor quality control in regards to pellet size.I have seen pellets almost three inches long. The problem this causes is poor feeding to the auger. I can't tell you how many times the stove has run out but there is still a quarter to third of the hopper full of pellets, they just don't drop down. I could see this if I was buying bargain basement pellets from a big box store, but I am gong to a fireplace specialty shop locally. I am seriously thinking of making them take back the ton and a half I have left.

  • Comment Link steve Friday, 11 March 2011 20:33 posted by steve

    I just finished burning 20 bags of Independece in my 2 stoves (Lenox Country and a Enviro Mini) I found that they burned okay, but the bags were full of fines and therefore feel like I didn't get me full value for the dollar. AS I said nothing special to make me run out and buy them over another brand.