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LacWood Pellets

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LacWood CANADA ‘A’ Brand Wood Pellets The LacWood CANADA ‘A’ brand wood pellets. Manufactured in the heart of the northeastern Ontario Boreal Forest. These pure softwood heating pellets are a value-added product utilizing the residual materials left over from the production of quality lumber produced for the North American home-building market. As a value-added product this means that no trees are harvested just to make wood pellets. The CANADA ‘A’ heating pellets exceed the criteria for premium quality standards set by both the Pellet Fuels Institute, of America, and the EN-Plus A-1 European commission. This clean burning fuel, which contains no bark and absolutely no additives, provides consistent, high heat resulting in ash levels of less than 0.23%, which means trouble-free burning, low maintenance, and peace of mind.

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  • Comment Link Serge B. Tuesday, 06 December 2016 15:39 posted by Serge B.

    I have been using a pellet stove for 6 years now. During that time I have used many different makes of pellets with wildly varying results and satisfaction. Last spring I started using the “LacWood” pellets. They are definitely the best I have ever used. I run a Drolet ECO 45 pellet stove controlled with a thermostat. It is important that the burn pot stays clean so the stove can start and stop on its own. With the LacWood pellets I can run my stove for over a week without having to clean the burn pot and when I do clean it there is hardly any (if any) clinker (that hard deposit that forms in the pot). The pellets ignite easily so I get a quicker start and they burn so well that I can run my blower at minimum flow so less heat is blown up the chimney. So yes, I am a very satisfied LacWood pellet consumer.

  • Comment Link Robert Saturday, 09 January 2016 15:48 posted by Robert

    Have burned pellets for 5 years, this year I tried Lacwood pellets and have had consistent problems with clinkers in the burn pot that need to be cleaned out daily. Previously I have never had clean out the burn pot until the ash pan was full, every 3-4 days. Tried some pellets left over from last year for Quebec and they burn much cleaner without the clinker build up. I will not buy this brand again but I have 150 bags to go.

  • Comment Link g graham Friday, 25 October 2013 12:46 posted by g graham

    Have burned Lacwood pellets for 4 winters, consuming from 2 1/2 to 3 tons per winter depending on the year. They burn clean with high heat output. Following the stove manufacturer's maintenance schedule, there's very little build-up inside the burn pot. I tried several other pellet brands and regularly got clinkers with those but not with Lacwood. (I use a Dellpoint Europa 75 34,000 BTu as sole heater for my house of 2,000 sq ft. north of Timmins ON) Don't be concerned that Lacwood pellets are made from softwood. All pellets are compressed to a standard density so it doesn't matter what kind of wood material they are made from. But, is softwood the reason why they burn so clean?