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Lumber Jack Wood Pellets

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GLRE Great Lakes Renewable Energy, Inc.. producers of Lumberjack wood pellets.  They are a new state-of-the-art wood pellet manufacturing company located in Hayward, WI . Thier plant is nestled in  the abundant forests of northwest Wisconsin.

  • LUMBERJACK 50-40 lb. bags
  • From: Hayward, Wisconsin
  • Source: Hardwood Blend
  • Ash Content: 0.55-0.6%
  • BTU (Dry Basis): 8,400 avg.

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  • Comment Link Rob %AM, %31 %084 %2016 %01:%Mar posted by Rob

    I'm on my 2nd ton of lumberjack pellets and have had great results. I've used them with a MAK 2 star general, Traeger, Rec Tec, Yoder 1500 and Madera. All with great results.

    I have used many other pellet blends and feel for the price, these are the best by far. If not I surely wouldn't have ordered another ton.

  • Comment Link Dave %PM, %22 %936 %2015 %21:%Feb posted by Dave

    Lumberjack is the worst pellets I have ever used, they are extremely ashy and put out quite a bit of creosote. The burn pot would fill with very hard ash and pellets would end up overflowing because of this, they plugged my chimney and coated the impellers on the combustion fan so bad that it couldn't move air in an efficient manner. Also the fines were so bad that the auger plugged up. I maintain my stove to the highest degree, clean it daily and maintain as the manufacturer recommends it should be maintained. The heat output is very poor even at the highest setting the fan would cycle on and off because temperature could not be maintained also I had to clean the burn pot every eight hours. I only ran these pellets for a week but purchased a ton unfortunately and will be burning them in a barrel this summer thats all they are good for. Maybe they would work so, so in a multi-fuel stove.

  • Comment Link Phil %PM, %20 %644 %2014 %14:%Jan posted by Phil

    Seraph Industries G106 Stove. I clean my stove every 3 days.
    I was happy with Lumberjack pellets until I started finding small pieces of gravel in the bags. Some are the size of sunflowers and others are about like a grape. I have a stirring device in my firepot and these rocks keep jamming it. I even had a large rock jam my feed auger. I emailed the company and they blew me off. I will use up my remaining supply and will never buy these again.

  • Comment Link Amy E %PM, %08 %940 %2014 %21:%Jan posted by Amy E

    I don't have the make or model handy of our stove. We have been using it for 4 or so years? Our stove gets cleaned every week or so, it is used as our main source of heat. We have always had great luck with Lumberjack Pellets. This year, however, they don't seem to be giving off the same heat. Also - we have had problems this year with them clumping, like too much moisture in them maybe? There are a few issues other than that as well. Just not as happy with them anymore. However- a friend burns another brand and they are having the same issues. So...who knows!

  • Comment Link Bruce Braun %PM, %17 %555 %2013 %12:%Jan posted by Bruce Braun

    We have a Heatilator ECOChoice Cab50.. The pellets put out good BTUs, but I've seen some longer pellets than what the stove maker says it can handle; longer than 1.5 inches,an and as the seems like there is excess dust in the bags from settling, seen when dumping the bags and as they fall into the fire pot.. The stove and pellets have saved us money on fuel oil.. I'ld refer fellow people to the pellet stove and pellets any day..Do you have Pellets that have a higher BTU Rating for our type of stove?? Thank You!!

  • Comment Link Michael Briels %PM, %12 %864 %2013 %19:%Jan posted by Michael Briels

    I'm looking to try your Lumber Jack pellets in my smoker and was wondering if there's a place in Colorado(Denver)to buy them?

    Thanks, Michael

  • Comment Link Russ M %AM, %05 %337 %2012 %07:%Dec posted by Russ M

    Nice pellet with minimal fines. Burns good and hot with low ash. Gerald at GLRE says they're a 50/50 softwood/hardwood blend. Pellets tend to run a little long, with many around 1 inch.

  • Comment Link Russ M %AM, %01 %398 %2012 %08:%Dec posted by Russ M

    Lumberjacks burn nice and clean. You can smell the pine resin when you open a bag. I asked Gerald at Great Lakes about their content and he told me they're a 50-50 softwood/hardwood blend. Great value at less than $4 a bag.

  • Comment Link baggs %PM, %04 %868 %2011 %19:%Nov posted by baggs

    I run 4 different pellet stoves 2 at home and 2 at my business. Lumberjack is the best pellet I could find for my Bixby and US stove. It also does very well in breckwell big E and Cumberland. Nice consistent clean pellet. Definately a hotter & better buring pellet. 4 pellets to avoid are ozark, michigan, Marth, and Indeck (worst on btus, ash, consitency and stove operation) in my opinion.

  • Comment Link mike %PM, %06 %851 %2011 %19:%Sep posted by mike

    Great pellets, great flavor low ash and extended burn times.


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