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Maine's Choice Pellets

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Maine's Choice Wood Pellets by Geneva Wood Fuels, LLC

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  • Comment Link Melissa Sunday, 12 October 2014 14:29 posted by Melissa

    I burned these two winters ago and swore never again. Perhaps they have changed the formulation, but, while the heat output was okay, that ash created meant I had to empty the ash pan at least twice a week and the glass became dirty far quicker than with other pellets burned. I use a Harman P43

  • Comment Link John Sunday, 21 September 2014 23:42 posted by John

    I have had an Englander stove for 8 years, have used many pellet brands, both hard and soft. Maine's Choice is my favorite. They produce more heat than any other. I clean my stove once a month for preventive reasons rather than necessity, never jams the augers.

  • Comment Link Mike Saturday, 06 September 2014 12:03 posted by Mike

    I have a top of the line us stove 6010 .i have tried all pellets blends ,soft wood but I broke 4 augers last yr. co. No help keeps getting jamed 1 hr after cleaning anyone help.

  • Comment Link   paul hutchins Monday, 31 March 2014 21:43 posted by paul hutchins

    I have a heartland pellet stove in clean my stove as needed I have tried a number of pellets I have always
    bought premium hard wood pellets. I bought your pellets at paris farmers union in nortrh Conway n.h.
    I can normally clean my stove once a week but with
    your pellets it a clean every two days. not impressed

  • Comment Link Ackman Thursday, 20 February 2014 13:07 posted by Ackman

    Jan '14 purchase of 2 pallets from Home Depot
    VERY, VERY DUSTY Pouring into hopper creates a cloud in my house
    Burn, heat, ash OK

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