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Maine's Choice Pellets

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Maine's Choice Wood Pellets by Geneva Wood Fuels, LLC


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! hit or miss pellets

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  • Comment Link Anne Lavigne %PM, %07 %019 %2016 %23:%Nov posted by Anne Lavigne

    Bought 2 ton of Maines Choice, from Lowes.
    We have tried many different brands of pellets only to find problems with clumps of ash, black glass, stove stops running, and damaged wet bags. (Which weigh 1000 lbs)
    Since using the Maines Choice, we have had a nice steady heat, no spitting pellets, and very fine ash that doesn't clog up, or clump up. Definitely will purchase more Maines Choice. I recommend this product.

  • Comment Link WorldStove %PM, %29 %024 %2016 %23:%Oct posted by WorldStove

    As a stove designer and manufacturer we have to say that, in the USA ,we have found no better pellet. Outstanding price to quality ratio. Of key importance to our R&D department is consistency of product; iin our experience, no other USA pellet has a more consistent and uniform density, mineral content and moisture content. Knowing that we can count on the quality and that we do not have to test each batch for consistency makes our work easier and helps us tune for even lower emission profiles and higher combustion efficiencies

  • Comment Link Paul P %PM, %11 %683 %2016 %15:%Aug posted by Paul P

    Bought 4 tons of Maine's Choice from Lowe's for the first time last heating season and have been very pleased. I run a 10 year old St Croix stove and did not have any issues all last year. Bags all intact with none appearing to have got wet, good heat, some ash but not overly bad. I picked up an additional 2 tons at the end of the season and hoping Lowe's carries the Maine's Choice again this year.

  • Comment Link Brad %AM, %07 %116 %2016 %01:%Mar posted by Brad

    I used these pellets in 2014 since I live in Maine I wanted to use a Maine pellet. They had way more ash and burned more sluggishly and lower heat output than the Energex I prefer. Corinth is not much better. Come on Maine, with so many trees you'd think we could make a decent pellet. La Crete is expensive but very good, Energex seems to be a good middle ground, economical and good burn.

  • Comment Link Sabrina %PM, %06 %749 %2016 %16:%Jan posted by Sabrina

    I've bought almost 6 bags that have been saw dust . I'm not sure if they somehow got wet or there was an issue with how there compacted . It's disappointing to me to get home and find this . Specially since the price of the bags have almost doubled

  • Comment Link Joe %AM, %02 %043 %2015 %00:%Dec posted by Joe

    I can't believe these negative reviews! I've been burning Maine Choice for 3 straight years. heat my whole house on 3 tons. great flame, great heat usually run on the lowest setting. I think most of you don't know how to use your stoves. Every different pellet I've tried over the last 7 years requires some adjustment to air and fuel feed. Maybe you should stick with oil..

  • Comment Link Roland simino %PM, %29 %564 %2015 %12:%Nov posted by Roland simino

    Your pellets vary in size. Some are extremely long. Also some appear to be burnt. Those burnt ones are very h hard and jamb up the augur which shuts down the stove.

  • Comment Link Michael Willis %PM, %28 %858 %2015 %19:%Jul posted by Michael Willis

    My Fiancée' had been burning about 3 tons of these a year for the last several years, I don't know what happened last year, but they were horrible, lots of ash, and did not burn as hot. All were burned in the same stove. I also bought 10 tons of these last year to burn in my Harmon Furnace, and they were very high ash and low heat, I got 3 times the ash out these then I did in my previous pellets. Unfortunately the old company burnt down and choose not to rebuild

  • Comment Link Teri %PM, %11 %903 %2015 %20:%Apr posted by Teri

    We burned these from Lowes this year. Horrible. We normally empty out ash pot after 1 ton of pellets. We had to do this almost every week burning Maines Choice. We then bought 7 bags of the fireside from home depot to get us to end of season. Much better. Ash is finer and stove burns better. We won't ever buy Maines Choice again. Someone needs to make pellets that burn good and give little ash. We have a Harman 41

  • Comment Link Jeremy Todd %PM, %21 %881 %2015 %20:%Mar posted by Jeremy Todd

    Wow, bought 5 bags and and after two bags my auger had stopped 2x. Had to remove it both times and clean it. Had to use one more bag in desperation and the pellets blew my auger motor. Not happy. Burned tons of other pellets and nevet had an issue. Burned three bags of these crap pellets and had nothing but trouble. Also a ton of ash. And no heat. Pure crap.


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