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McFeeters Emerald Wood Pellets

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McFeeters Wood Pellets are a 100% softwood pellet.  G.McFeeters, manufacturer of Premium horse and livestock bedding material and wood pellets. Superior grade wood shavings are formulated and blended in the correct ratios of fines and flakes.


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  • Comment Link D Reid %PM, %16 %715 %2015 %16:%Jan posted by D Reid

    I tried these this year as well. They burn hot and the ash content isn't bad but the flame is all over the place and inconsistent burn rate.

  • Comment Link jas %PM, %08 %898 %2015 %20:%Jan posted by jas

    burns hot but tons of ash blocked vacum line twice in a month

  • Comment Link Cyrus %AM, %31 %043 %2014 %00:%Mar posted by Cyrus

    Ran out of the good stuff this year (Vermont Wood Pellet), so I bought some McFeeters. What junk!

    Tons of ash, burns inconsistently, throws sparks all over. Crazy flame that is all over the place.


  • Comment Link joe %PM, %11 %733 %2013 %16:%Jul posted by joe

    I used these for the first time during the 2012-2013 season based on favorable reviews. I had been using Okanagan for the three prior years and really loved them. I switched because of a less expensive price, more bags on a pallet (easier for me to store), and what appeared to be great specs. WHAT A MISTAKE. These pellets were the worst! Very high ash content - I was cleaning my stove every other day. With Okanagan I could go 4 to 5 days or more with emptying ash. Also at least half the bags would develop klinkers after about 6 to 8 hours of burning. Don't believe the specs, this is a VERY BAD product.

  • Comment Link Johnny %PM, %13 %997 %2013 %22:%Mar posted by Johnny

    I purchased a half ton of these last year and they were great. This year not so much. Very high ash and fines.

  • Comment Link Mark Currier %AM, %06 %139 %2013 %02:%Mar posted by Mark Currier

    Also purchased these pellets at Aubuchon Hardware. Didn't have any funny smell. They burn clean, hot, and are not that expensive. Glass door is easy to clean. I have burned almost 2 tons of these this year and 1 ton of Okanagans. They are hotter than the Okanagans. I just purchased another ton of these today for next year while they still had them. Heat with a Enviro Empress Insert.

  • Comment Link Cape Cod Mark %AM, %05 %158 %2013 %02:%Mar posted by Cape Cod Mark

    These pellets burn hot and are pretty clean. I also purchased these pellets at Aubuchon hardware (1 of the tons). The price was better than my usual wood pellet place for the same pellet. Glass does get dirty, but is very easy to clean. This season I have gone through 1 ton of Okanagans and am at the end of the 2nd ton of McFeeters. I am going back to buy 2 or 3 more tons for next year if I can get them. Didn't notice any funny smells like the other post. I burn them in a Enviro Empress Insert.

  • Comment Link Walter T %PM, %25 %983 %2013 %22:%Jan posted by Walter T

    used these last year from sm local retailer burned great. Bought 2 ton from Aubuchon Hardware NOT any good this year. Small pieces of plastic in pellet and small pieces of unprocessed wood. Had stove cleaned because of these leaving large clinkers tried another brand and have had no problems.

  • Comment Link Larry Patterson %PM, %04 %760 %2013 %17:%Jan posted by Larry Patterson

    Pellets burned OK but had a plastic smell when burning. Tried three bags with same results and switched out to another brand to make sure pellets were the source of the smell. Fortunately only bought six bags to try out before ordering a ton. Would have had to sell or return them had I
    bought more, have to keep a scented candle burning to cover the smell.

  • Comment Link richard alluzio %PM, %11 %009 %2012 %23:%Dec posted by richard alluzio

    I liked these pellets until a large metal washer destroyed the gear box on my harmon pb105 auger($350.00). I hear foreign objects in pellets are not uncommon. I will not use these pellets anymore because after repeated calls to mcfeeters no one ever contacted me. Supplier stop carring them and was no help.


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