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Nation's Choice Pellets

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From International Forest Products

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  • Comment Link Yvonne Sunday, 07 February 2016 02:16 posted by Yvonne

    Waste of money. Clogging my anger daily. I can't get these to burn for more that :30 minutes prior to clogging. They smell strong and create way too much ash. Don't buy this brand. I purchased the white bags.

  • Comment Link pat Saturday, 30 January 2016 21:23 posted by pat

    Nation's Choice causes our auger to jam. the pieces are too long, they get stuck. They cause hard, chunky bunches of ash. A Fireside bag burns once every 24-26 hours. A Nation's Choice bags, same size poundage wise, burns once every 16 hours, maybe a little longer, and we aren't having freezing weather here in New Hampshire. It has been mild compared to past years. With Fireside ash, you have to empty the bin out every few days. With Nation's choice, you have to empty it out for sure every other day at most. I bought four ton from Home Depot. I want to return them.

  • Comment Link Craig Monday, 25 January 2016 23:15 posted by Craig

    There are two types of "Nation's Choice" pellets - The White bag (horrible) and the green bag ("OK").

    Facts - I burned a 1/2 ton so far this winter of the green bag - Good heat and NO clinkers, moderate amount of ash. Had to vacuum the stove every three weeks. Actually very clean. Bought locally at Home Depot in East Haven, CT (Stove = Quadra-fire 1200i, "Classic Bay" insert. I was amazed at the very clean burn pot - didn't even have to scrape it.

    White bag - Same pellets? These are a total disaster - purchased in Greenfield, MA Home Depot - Burning 50% more pellets on same settings and had more ash (a lot ore as in more than quadruple the amount) in 1 week than I had in three weeks with the green bag. Also, they produce less heat and totally clogged my fireboat - had to scrap and loosen large 'clinkers' that were too big to go up the vacuum nozzle. (The bags are nearly identical except green vs. white. The labels are the same except for the white bag says "premium hardwood pellets" and the green bag says "premium wood pellets.

    Bottom line = Green bag were good; white was a joke/disaster.

  • Comment Link Bob Tuesday, 13 October 2015 12:01 posted by Bob

    Bought a ton of Okanagan Super Premium last year. Burned Hot and Clean. Great Pellets!!! Burnt about 25 bags of Natures Choice after Okanagan's were depleted for remainder of season. Had to up Enviro stove settings by 2X to get the same amount of heat as Okanagans. Natures Choice also left twice the ash/soot and left my chimney flu full of ash like I have never seen before. Bought 2 tons of Okanangan's this year and will discard remaining few bags of Nature's Choice from last year.

  • Comment Link Frank Sunday, 13 September 2015 17:48 posted by Frank

    Burned 5 tons of this brand last year. Burned just like any other brand. I had no problems. I will purchase this brand again this year.

  • Comment Link Mark Bomboy Thursday, 21 May 2015 21:55 posted by Mark Bomboy

    I burned through a ton of these pellets last winter, purchased from Tractor Supply Company. I had no problems with them, just as hot and same amount of ash as any other. Harman P43 stove.

  • Comment Link Charlie Sunday, 01 March 2015 19:52 posted by Charlie

    Not impressed, my stove has never been picky but these create at least 5 times as much ash as the Tractor Supply house brand pellets do without getting as hot. Had to supplement with the furnace on cold days.

  • Comment Link Phyllis Friday, 27 February 2015 00:35 posted by Phyllis

    These pellets are horrible . They have low heat and they are irritating to our noses and throats to the point we can't sit in the room with the stove and watch tv. Just horrible!!

  • Comment Link Lawrence Wednesday, 18 February 2015 23:53 posted by Lawrence

    I bought 2 Ton Nation's Choice and I regret every BAG (10) I have 40 to go cleaning my stove every day some time twice if I use a second bag. I will not BUY any more and will tell friends & family to do the same.

  • Comment Link Steve shockney Wednesday, 18 February 2015 22:06 posted by Steve shockney

    I have used about Six bags of these so far the heat is good but a lot of ash I am burning in a pleasant hearth stove


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