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Natures Own Wood Pellets

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Another myster pellet from Premier Pellet out of Canada.  So far, Fireside Ultra, Stove Chow, and Nature's Own Wood Pellets are all manufactured by "Premier Pellet"

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  • Comment Link Rick Smith Friday, 06 February 2015 03:17 posted by Rick Smith

    Great pellet, great heat output, little ash, very few fines, and no clinkers. This is by far my first choice in the box economy rated wood pellet. Purchased at Lowes. My stove is a St Croix York insert.

  • Comment Link MAPerron Friday, 28 November 2014 14:43 posted by MAPerron

    As we all know year to year pellets change. Here are my thoughts for this year (14-15) season.
    Good strong bags
    Small pellet size
    Minimal dust
    Average fines (buildup in burn pot is hard though)
    Above average heat

  • Comment Link Mark E. Sunday, 05 January 2014 18:00 posted by Mark E.

    Bought 20 bags of these from the local lowes. Fairly uninspiring pellets for the price (4.29/bag). Every bag quite dusty and dozens of wood chips in with the pellets. Assuming these will jam my auger at some point so I've been trying to pick them out. Average to high amount of ash, I have to clean every 2-3 days with a smaller stove and ash tray. Using about 1.5-2 bags per day. Seem to take a while to ignite as well, perhaps these bags got exposed to moisture at some point? I'll look elsewhere for my next batch. I'm fairly new to pellet stoves so it could also be that I'm still learning how to work the stove somewhat but seem to get better results with stove chow.

  • Comment Link Dennis G Friday, 02 March 2012 19:52 posted by Dennis G

    englander 25 pdvc
    I have been trying all the box store brands before i invested into tonage.

    lowes: green team pellets by england
    worst pellets of all I used low heat lots of ash and clinkers alot of soot. $4.12 a bag

    Lowes: Natures own.. gives ok heat burns quick though, few clinkers, very sooty $4.12 a bag

    home depot- stove chows- best of the bunch. very hot, burns slow low ash and soot clinker free. 4.50 a bag

    wal mart: natures heat by pennington
    real good heat modeate ash and soot a clinker or 2. Makes the outside of your home smell like burning cow crap, weird smell, other than that its my second choice. $5.00 a bag

  • Comment Link Joe Provencher Thursday, 02 February 2012 03:18 posted by Joe Provencher

    Burned great in my Harman Accentra. Better than average heat and no more ash than expected. Burned better than the Maine Woods I burned. Pellet size was small and consistent. Not much dust in the bag. Glass stayed reasonably clean. Probably going to pick up more. Great deal for 219/ton at Lowes in my opinion.

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