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New England Wood Pellets

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New England Wood Pellets are a high quality premium grade pellet fuel made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood species. These pellets can be found at many retailers throughout the Northeastern United States. To find a dealer in your area check out our dealer locator. Quality characteristics are as follows.

New England Wood Pellets Manufacturing Facilities

  • Jaffrey Manufacturing Facility 141 Old Sharon Road Jaffrey, NH, 03452
  • Schuyler Manufacturing Facility 172 Diamond Drive Schuyler, NY, 13340
  • Deposit Manufacturing Facility 1580 Airport Road Deposit, NY, 13754


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  • Comment Link john chap Tuesday, 31 March 2015 15:00 posted by john chap

    burned these for past ten years , along with many others , we can rate pellet brands but I have found my best burn is with a clean stove , good air flow , and yes there are some that have less ash ... I have had to replace one auger on harman accentra after ten years as well as two distribution blowers on the accentra free standing and the accentra insert ... I also burn a lopi top feeder drop type in basement that has burned for 7 years and no issues thus far ... I typically do a light clean in the heavy cold every 2-3 weeks and 3-4 times do a heavy clean on all each season ... the labor is the price to pay on pellets and it is waaaay less than stacking firewood and all that goes into standard wood stoves..... have had fair luck with these ... and I agree with some posters about having more ash in past (this company is now part of a mega monopoly play in the wood energy ... not local any more which plan ol sucks)

  • Comment Link Mark Saturday, 28 March 2015 20:25 posted by Mark

    This was the 1st and last time I will buy these pellets. I hate to say it but I usually buy my pellets from Home Depot. They were out so I bought 2 tons of these. I will never buy them again. I should have looked at the reviews before I bought them. They make a lot of ash and like the other reviews I have to clean the stove more often. They also have a lot a saw dust. When I used the Home Depot pellets. I would have to clean the stove about after burning 1 ton. Now with these it is like every 10 to 15 bags. My friend told me he tried them and had the same problems. They don't burn as hot as others. Yes they were $20.00 cheaper than others. Next time I will pay the extra. (You get what you pay for)

  • Comment Link Eric S Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:06 posted by Eric S

    I have tried these pellets in the past and I must say there quality control has gone down hill. They leave a large amount of Ash, burn with a lot of soot and just not the quality pellet I used to be. I have noticed the Old faithful pellets are not what they used to be. Really sad. Recently, they burn with poor heat and a lot of ash. No matter how I adjust my stove. Good quality pellets are getting hard to find. Seems like if you do not by them in the fall.... your out of luck on quality. Buying later in the season when they are more mass produced to get them out, the quality goes with it. Its a shame.

  • Comment Link Timothy webb Tuesday, 24 February 2015 00:12 posted by Timothy webb

    I bought a ton of new England pellets had problems from the first bag the pellets are small pices none over half an inch clogged my auger multiple times poor quality pellets u checked all 50 bags same with all I have a us stove 5660 bay front

  • Comment Link Banks Thursday, 19 February 2015 23:53 posted by Banks

    These pellets were 90% amazing & 10% - We're not sure.

    Here's the 90% amazing: I filled the stove at 2:00 p.m. and they burned all night until nearly lunch the next day before I needed to refill the stove. Stove was on high burn. That was amazing! We've tried other pellets before, and they burn so quickly, that it's annoying enough to make me not want a pellet stove.

    Here is the 10% we're not sure about: It was odd that there was hardly ANY ash in the tray. At first, I thought that was great but, throughout the course of burning a ton of these pellets, the stove shut off about once a week needing to be deep cleaned inside, which was a very tedious task - it didn't need just a quick vacuum and brushing. We had to take it apart inside and clean it very thoroughly before the stove would start up again. We'd go without heat for about a day each time this would happen, having to wait for the stove to cool down, take it apart, go over everything with a fine toothed comb, put it back to together, and see if it would start up. It often wouldn't start up, even after all of that, saying that there was still a blockage somewhere. That was frustrating in such cold weather, and we don't have time for that. It's possible that it may just be the stove. We have yet to burn a ton of another brand to compare, but we found it odd that a new stove would shut off for deep cleaning so frequently.

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