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Available at Home Depot and Lowes ,  Produced by Curran Renewable Energy, LLC pellet mill that is located in  Massena NH produce the North American Wood Pellets?  That is what I was told last

they are a hardwood / softwood blend

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  • Comment Link Cary Tuesday, 09 December 2014 15:45 posted by Cary

    I have an old Whitfield stove - it was in house when I bought it. Sorry, but that's all I know. However, I bought these pellets from Tractor Supply because that was all they had. I really like them - they burn slow, so last a long time, and I feel the amount of ash is much smaller than others I have tried. I have seen a lot of negative comments, maybe I am missing something - certainly not an expert on wood pellets!

  • Comment Link Rob Sunday, 07 December 2014 05:14 posted by Rob

    quadrafire Castille. Bought 30 bags from TS. Brought 15 bags back. Second worst pallet I have ever burned. Very dirty lots of ash.

  • Comment Link Rob Saturday, 06 December 2014 17:33 posted by Rob

    Bought 30 bags at TS and returned 15 of them. Very dirty pellet. decent heat. Quadrafire castille.

  • Comment Link Ted Tuesday, 18 March 2014 01:15 posted by Ted

    I'm fairly new to this just bought a pellet stove in January a Bosca. It is not a common pellet stove but so far I seem to be getting a good bang for my buck. I bought these north american pellets in desperation due to the shortage and I must say I like them 5 bags in and have't cleaned my stove yet. I was supposed to get a higher quality pellet at lowes that I ordered online but when I got there to pick them up this is all they had. I bought some curren pellets, I think thats the name and they were horrible lots of ash and poor heat. So far my best is vermont pellets I think but these seem pretty good in my opinion especially in the pinch I was in but still searching and will welcome any opinions offered.

  • Comment Link Charlie Monday, 17 March 2014 21:48 posted by Charlie

    Englander pellet stove worst pellets I have ever burnt lot of ash and everything is black sut never had pellets this bad wished I had only bought a couple bags instead of a whole ton would not ever purchase again

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