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North American Pellets

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Available at Home Depot and Lowes ,  Produced by Curran Renewable Energy, LLC pellet mill that is located in  Massena NH produce the North American Wood Pellets?  That is what I was told last

they are a hardwood / softwood blend

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  • Comment Link Ted Tuesday, 18 March 2014 01:15 posted by Ted

    I'm fairly new to this just bought a pellet stove in January a Bosca. It is not a common pellet stove but so far I seem to be getting a good bang for my buck. I bought these north american pellets in desperation due to the shortage and I must say I like them 5 bags in and have't cleaned my stove yet. I was supposed to get a higher quality pellet at lowes that I ordered online but when I got there to pick them up this is all they had. I bought some curren pellets, I think thats the name and they were horrible lots of ash and poor heat. So far my best is vermont pellets I think but these seem pretty good in my opinion especially in the pinch I was in but still searching and will welcome any opinions offered.

  • Comment Link Charlie Monday, 17 March 2014 21:48 posted by Charlie

    Englander pellet stove worst pellets I have ever burnt lot of ash and everything is black sut never had pellets this bad wished I had only bought a couple bags instead of a whole ton would not ever purchase again

  • Comment Link John Card Sunday, 09 March 2014 14:07 posted by John Card

    Picked up 1/4 ton of the beginning of February . They burned ok, but did not seem to give off a lot of heat. I noticed I had to clean my ash pot after 1 week vs 3 weeks in my Harman advance. Not worth the $4.90ish Home Depot was asking for them, better then not having any at all..

  • Comment Link Alice Jacobs Tuesday, 25 February 2014 16:00 posted by Alice Jacobs

    These pellets are terrible and we will not buy them again. The pellets we were using had been sold out so we went to Lowe's and they suggested these. We bought a ton of them and that proved to be a mistake. With the other pellets we were cleaning the stove out just once a week. With these we have to clean it every other day. They ashes are more dusty than the other pellets we were using. Very disappointed.

  • Comment Link Frank Saturday, 08 February 2014 17:51 posted by Frank

    Very pleased, burn nicely in my Harman Invincible -- maybe a bit more ash than other products I've used, but the ash is very light and fluffy.

    Best thing -- they don't coke up my burnpot -- I'm lovin' that.

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