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North Country Wood Pellets

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This product is produced in Northern Alberta Canada. Wood supply is excellent and this mill produces high end lumber because of the quality of their wood supply. Very dry white looking pellet.

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  • Comment Link Morris %AM, %23 %117 %2016 %01:%Nov posted by Morris

    Recently purchased a ECO 65 Pellet Stove. Bought 3 pallets of North country
    Pellets, in middle of pile, bags had frozen chunks of pellet fines.Pellets won't feed, , forms a hole through pellets in the hopper then guits. Need to dry these
    pellets any suggestions??

  • Comment Link Chris Gotte %PM, %24 %864 %2016 %19:%Jun posted by Chris Gotte

    Is there an msds available for this product?

  • Comment Link %PM, %20 %035 %2015 %23:%Dec posted by

    I agree.. are we talking about the same North Country pellets?
    mine are a bit on the long side if Lignetics are small pellets.
    hardly any fines, nice smell, color, and plenty of heat.
    using a Harman P61A.

  • Comment Link anthony rago %PM, %22 %955 %2015 %21:%Nov posted by anthony rago

    geez... what kind of stoves are those people using that don't like these pellets.
    great smell/ low ash/ very hot... Not small size at all... are we talking about the same North Country brand?
    Harman P61A here.

  • Comment Link Dewain %PM, %21 %869 %2015 %19:%Mar posted by Dewain

    I've burned 5 out of 6 tons I purchased for the season. I find they burn hot, however, disappointed with the small pieces. My biggest issue are the fines. I had to build a small screening contraption to run the pellets over before using them. It's like the pellets are falling apart.

  • Comment Link Gary %PM, %06 %977 %2015 %22:%Feb posted by Gary

    The heat is good, but a lot more ash than I expected.

  • Comment Link Sue %PM, %28 %835 %2015 %19:%Jan posted by Sue

    We've heated with pellets since about 1993. This year we purchased North Country Pellets and have to say that these are the worse pellets we've ever used! All bags are full of pieces instead of whole pellets and they make for lots of ash and extremely dirty glass very quickly. Would not recommend!

  • Comment Link George Reynolds %PM, %27 %678 %2015 %15:%Jan posted by George Reynolds

    I just purchased a Quadra fire MT Vernon insert. The North Country pellets have worked the best out of all the different types I have tried. They burn clean and give sufficient heat. The cost is $285 a ton so they are equivalent to other pellets in my area. One pellet to stay away from are the Fire Side ultra premium these pellets burned very dirty with very low heat. I purchased the fireside pellets from home depot. I also tried the lowes green pellets and had the same issue as with the Fireside pellets; low heat and high ash.

  • Comment Link Jason %PM, %22 %967 %2014 %22:%Mar posted by Jason

    I've recently bought a ton of these pellets to try. The heat is average at best, they are very very dusty and burn very dirty, like clean your stove twice a week dirty. I run a Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon insert. By the reviews I've read I'm wondering if I just got a horrible batch. I probably will not buy another they were quite pricey at 295.

  • Comment Link larry %PM, %10 %542 %2014 %12:%Mar posted by larry

    awsome pellet almost no ash. Price was high but its hard to find pellets in north east right now. Took what i could get and couldn't be more pleased.


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