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O'Malley Wood Pellets

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O'Malley Wood Pellet fuel Pellets

the pellets are 100% mixed eastern hardwoods. Roughly 80% oak and the balance hickory, poplar,beech, and maple

these hardwood pellets are some of the best on the market, delivering extremely high BTU's and a low ash content. O'Malley Pellets work well in all stoves, bringing you a clean and comfy burn. All wood pellets are environmentally friendly and in no way contribute to global warming. So sit back and relax while you burn a bag of O'Malley Wood Pellets.

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  • Comment Link Randy Friday, 25 September 2015 23:59 posted by Randy

    Omalleys burn great. Better than Hammers. I have a quadra-fire stove. Lignetics are the best. 2nd year with stove bought 2 tons of lignetics for real cold weather and 1 ton of Omalleys for regular days.

  • Comment Link Chris. Sarta Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:23 posted by Chris. Sarta

    These pellets formed clinkers in my 15 year old Breckwell as well as my new st croix. 2-3 days and the Breckwell is choking out. The st croix burns them until the clinkers fill the pot ( rolled up in little balls due to the moving grate ). Then it won't ignite. Stick with soft wood or a mix , o malley was no help and didn't even know what a clinker is. They were not cheap at 270 a ton. Should have gone to Home Depot for this quality of fuel. Avoid them.

  • Comment Link JJVAL Sunday, 24 August 2014 15:17 posted by JJVAL

    I have burn all top grade pellets and so far the O'Malleys have burned the hottest of all that I tried with a discharge temp of 400+ degrees , Barefoots were 2nd on my list of 350 degrees discharge temps, and they all make a lot of ash when outside temps are cold be your stoves run a hell of lot more !!!!

  • Comment Link leslie Tuesday, 25 February 2014 16:06 posted by leslie

    Well, after reading a good section of the posts, I feel better that it's not me. This is our first time using O'Malley's and I do no like them, I feel we wasted our money, all of the negative reports that I have read is happening to us, very low heat, very high ashes. You have to sit directly in front of the stove to feel the heat. I'm cleaning the stove two to three times a week. we only purchased them because every store was sold out of other brands and this store was the only one with pellets left, I can now see why, nobody wants to buy them. I really hate them, and we will never buy them again, I brought 10 bags of them and now I have to suffer.

  • Comment Link Todd Sheetz Sunday, 14 April 2013 01:07 posted by Todd Sheetz

    We bought this pellets never again they clogged my upper auger. we found rubber in the auger. The pellets were up to 3" long. They didn't burn hot & produced lots of ash. I had to clean the stove twice a week.

  • Comment Link Jeff Saturday, 23 March 2013 15:26 posted by Jeff

    Harman Accentra since 2005. I hate O'Malleys! Good price but you get what you pay for. Incredible amount of ash and the heat produced is just okay. Thank goodness I only bought 4 bags to test. I used Turman's without problems but the local place says no more this year. I've been using Greenway's and I'm very very pleased with them. Good heat and very little ash! Paying $5.50 a bag in Glen Burnie Md. Lignetics is awful with my stove. Lot's of ash so-so heat. I only use them in a pinch because I can walk to the place that sells them. Hamer's is great but at $7.95 a bag that is way too much money. Love the Accentra. I clean it about every two weeks. Scape down the innards and wipe the sides every two days or so. Hope this helps.

  • Comment Link Michael Donley Wednesday, 06 February 2013 22:03 posted by Michael Donley

    I have just finished burning my first ton of these pellets in my Englander 25. I am not impressed. Good heat, but lots of ash and clinkers. I have to clean my burn pot more than once per day. Also noticed a lot of dust in every bag... caused my auger to clog twice during this ton. The length of the pellets is also inconsistent and cause some chute clogging issues. This is my third season with this stove and I burnt "hardwood heat" pellets (from Tractor Supply) for the first two season. I had more clinkers in those than I wanted, but not nearly as many as the "O'Malley's" pellets. I tried the O'Malleys as a result of a recommendation from my local stove shop. I won't be buying them again. I will keep looking for a brand that won't make me clean the burn pot twice a day. For now, I'm going back to the Hardwood Heat brand for the rest of this season... and only cleaning my burn pot twice a week.

  • Comment Link rich Tuesday, 05 February 2013 21:39 posted by rich

    These are terrible pellets and the place I bought them charged way too much... I'll never buy them again, all the complaints listed are the reason...

  • Comment Link Brenda Friday, 25 January 2013 03:21 posted by Brenda

    We have a lopi and burned turmans. they were great. Hot and little ash. We switched to omalleys by recommendation and they are awful. Continually cleaning the pot, lots of out of the bag,around the pot, and very dusty in the house. Will not buy them again.

  • Comment Link jeremy Monday, 21 January 2013 20:07 posted by jeremy

    Bought these because turmans were sold out. I will say they are much better than the lignetics but theres just to much ash for my liking. I guess I was spoiled with how well the turmans burnt in my harmon advance. I could burn a whole ton and still have space in my ash drawer. I have emptied my drawer 3 times and still have 10 bags left. The cheap price 188 ton is their biggest selling point. Turmans are 230 and are deffinately worth the extra money. I will never buy lignetics again. And if the turmans sell out i would consider buying omalleys again. As long as thy stay under 200. Not worth any more than that


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