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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 00:00

Best Wood Pellets 2010-2011

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East Coast

Best Hardwood Pellets

1threebagswhite_1Cubex Hardwood Pellets: Cubex Wood Pellets, with the big old red bag and oak leaf, claim a BTU rating of geater than 9000 and produce a very clean and low ash burn. By Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring Ltd.. This is a great pellet and winner of "Best Pellet 2010-2011.

New_turman2Turman Wood Pellets: Turman Hardwood Pellets, are 100% Oak hardwood pellet. Turman pellets are made from solid oak residual from their flooring mill. "Warning" much like your wife, your stove to may start feeling "ignored" or "invisible" due to the lack of cleaning needed while burning these outstanding pellets.

3barefootBarfoot Hardwood Pellets: Barefoot Pellets are made with clean sawdust and other clean wood waste material primarily generated in the manufacturing of hardwood lumber into various wood products such as kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, etc..

Best Blended Wood Pellets -

Latest Twin Ports test results for Maine Woods for Neigh Sayers. test_results_11-29-10.pdf

1mainewoods200300smallMaine Woods Pellets: I am VERY impressed with these pellets and going to go as far as rating them the #1 best wood pellet for this years heating season. Taking into consideration the price, heat, and ash levels, I think these pellets are by far the best bang for the BTU buck!.

energex2Energex CA (Green Bag): Energex Pellets (GREEN BAG FROM CANADA) exceed the PFI's premium grade standard. Their softwood pellets are designed to burn hotter and have been tested to yield a BTU value averaging between 8300 to 8500 BTUs per pound (on a dry basis). Their average ash content is about 0.5% and moisture content is 5% to 6%. There are no sulfur emissions from the pellet fuel.

Best Softwood Pellets

1vermont wood pelletsVermont Wood Pellets: The "Best Softwood Pellet" I have ever burned are these Vermont Wood Pellets. Actually, if you have been a reader of this website you know I have always been a fan of the west coast softwoods like Okanagan or Blazer and have made comments about mills mills over here or Eastern Canada are just simply not capable of producing a decent (clean, hot and long burning) softwood pellet.

okanagan_pellets2Okanagan Wood Pellets: What can I say, they are the most popular pellet on this website with just over 5 thousand drop ins. Okanagan and Westwood Super Premium pellets are made from 100% softwood sawdust. There are no additives, bark or other possible contaminants. Okanagan's meet the Super Premium standard of the Pellet Fuel Institute. Great Pellet!

West Coast


Best Hardwood Pellets

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Best Blended Wood Pellets

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Best Softwood Pellets

1 cleanburnlogoI have only seen ash levels this low one other time. Clean Burn Wood Pellets are great pellets all around.


Special thanks to Jay Takeman of for some great testing and insight!




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  • Comment Link Bluebailey Wednesday, 07 March 2012 14:13 posted by Bluebailey

    First season wtih a Timberwolf (Napolean)TPS35 stove. Turman Pellets are the BEST but way to much moola! They are available at one shop here in Eastern MA, West Bridgewater Fireplace Co. If you have money to burn get em but not worth the price in my opinion. I blended them in to a mix with Warm Front and Maine Choice in the Vac sifter to get a better burn.

  • Comment Link Michael Harris Thursday, 08 September 2011 13:18 posted by Michael Harris

    We have only used Cubex and Okanagan, but had an opportunity to purchase locally "inferno wood pellets", the claims on the bag look good, they say they are a premium pellet. Their website doesn't say anything. What do you say? Thanks.

  • Comment Link Patti Sunday, 26 December 2010 13:36 posted by Patti

    Do you know if they are sold anywhere in MA?


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