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Best of the Best Wood Pellets 2012-2013

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There are a lot of great pellets out in the market this winter!  But the Best Wood Pellets for this winter which I have burned so far are;

North East Hardwoods

  1. Cubex
  2. Hamer's
  3. Turman
  4. PWI / Logik-E
  5. Ambiance

North East Softwoods

  1. Vermont Wood Pellets
  2. Douglas Fir
  3. Okanagan

North East Blends

  1. New England

 Central East Coast Hardwoods

  1. Somerset
  2. Henry County (waiting on)
  3. Big Heat (waiting on)


West Coast Softwoods

  1. CleanBurn
  2. Golden Fire
  3. Bear Mountain
  4. Blazer

Central Blends

  1. Kirtland
  2. Fiber Energy

Central Hardwoods

  1. Pro-Pellet

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